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Tips For Negotiating With Moving Companies

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An average American moves 12 times in their life. Preparing to relocate is not only about getting packing supplies, carrying boxes, and driving everything from point A to point B. You will also need a certain amount of money, especially if you are planning to hire a professional company to assist you with the move. However, sometimes you can get a discount and pay less for moving services. Therefore, today, we will give you some tips for negotiating with moving companies. Let’s start!

Negotiation With Moving Companies – Is It Possible?

Everybody gets stressed out when they start thinking about relocation because it can be overwhelming, complicated, and costly. If you are relocating to Virginia and making a long-distance move, you will be negotiating with moving companies to get the best offer possible. If you have the right plan and you already know how to approach the relocation, you won’t have problems negotiating with movers on your own. However, if you are moving for the first time, and you don’t know how to negotiate with moving companies, we will give you some useful tips!

  • Make a Plan for Relocation
  • Find Licensed Mover
  • Get the right offers
  • Communication is the Key!
  • Negotiate!

Make A Plan For Relocation

First of all, you will have to understand your needs and calculate how much money you can spend on moving services. Before calling any of the professional moving companies, visit their sites and use the online calculators to get an idea of how much money you might need for the move. But first, follow these simple steps to prepare for the move thoroughly:

  1. Measure the distance between your old and new home. Think about what do you want to move to your new location and count all the items or moving boxes that you want to relocate.
  2. To prepare a moving budget, you will have to understand the average costs for a house or apartment of your size.
  3. Use an online calculator to get a rough idea about your moving costs.
  4. Make a moving budget! Make a plan and stick to it! There won’t be unexpected costs and surprises if you know what you are doing!
Before you start negotiating with moving companies, get their offers.
Get an idea about your moving costs by using a moving calculator online.

Find Licensed Mover

If you want to find a good and reliable moving company, you will have to do some research. Negotiating with moving companies is not easy. Therefore, you should ask your friends, neighbors, or some of your family members who went through the moving process recently if they can suggest a good professional mover. If not, you should start searching for a mover online! Read their customer reviews and give a call to ones that suits you the most.

A professional moving company will gladly answer your questions about the moveThey will also send a team of qualified workers to inspect your household and give you an estimate. If you hire them, they will make a moving contract with the final costs of the move. Packing and unpacking, truck and transport and storage solution are just a few services that professional mover provides. They are also offering some special services too! For example, piano movers Northern Virginia will disassemble and relocate your piano fast and safely!

Negotiating With Moving Companies – Get The Right Offers

For starters, you will have to compare moving companies to pick a few ones that you like the most. Before you start negotiating, get their offers, and compare them. But to do so properly, you will have to:

  1. Make sure that a moving company understands your needs and requests.
  2. Demand a visual offer (written document). Avoid phone offers – they can be “unclear.”
  3. Arrange a home visit and inspection
  4. Show everything you want to move, literally.
  5. Don’t be tricked with “too good to be true” offers. Price is not the proof of quality!
House and worker.
Arrange a home visit and inspection.

Communication Is The Key!

Communication is one of the essential things for negotiating with moving companies. However, if you are trying to negotiate with moving companies, you should try to be friendly but also business-like at the same time. Don’t be too strict but not too friendly and loose at the same time. You will have to know how to recognize fraudulent movers too!

How To Negotiate With Moving Companies – Let’s Do It!

If you are planning to get a good and budget-friendly offer from a professional moving company, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. You should be flexible! What does that mean? If you are flexible and you can wait for the off-season (when the moving company is not in high demand), you will definitely pay less!
  2. Ask for discounts! Sometimes a moving company won’t calculate a discount of special offers if you don’t ask about them!
  3. If you like the company, but they are too expensive, there is one trick that you can try! No professional moving company wants to lose their clients to other moving companies Sterling VA. If you show them their competition offer, they will most likely offer the same, or even lower, price.
  4. Declutter! Get rid of unnecessary items before the move. If you have fewer items to pack and relocate that means lower moving costs!
  5. If you have some friends and family that you can ask to help, you can definitely negotiate the price and save on special services.
  6. Don’t give up! Be persistent and ask several times if it’s necessary! In the end, you may get an outstanding offer even though you were rejected for the first and second time!
Meeting. Handshake.
Always ask for discounts! Even if you get rejected at the start, you might get an attractive offer after a while! Don’t give up!

These were the tips for negotiating with moving companies. If you are persistent enough, you will definitely get an attractive offer from a company you like the most. Just don’t give up! Don’t forget to remind the moving company about their promotions and discounts in case they forgot about it! Best of luck!

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