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Our Pricing

It’s a common question—but one that doesn’t have a simple “this much” answer. That’s because there are different rates for local moves (within 30 miles), intrastate moves, and long-distance moves.

There are also different services and products you might wish to add to your move, from packing and storage to specialized microfoam packaging to protect your fragile furniture and antiques.

What moving charges are based on​

We price your move based on:


What needs to be moved or packed​​


Where you’re moving from, and where you’re moving to​​​


When you need to move (seasonal rates apply)​​

How different moves are priced​

Local move prices are shaped by:

Prices for intrastate moves and long distance moves are based on:

Storage charges are based on:

Additional Services Carmack Offers: ​

A note about packing

If you need packing services, prices can change depending on:

You’re in control of how much you want packed—for example, a full pack, a partial one, or just your breakables. 

What we WON’T charge for​

No matter where you’re moving, we NEVER include hidden or additional charges for: