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How To Recognize Fraudulent Movers

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Moving time is a very complicated and stressful period. Usually, it is a time when people are susceptible and vulnerable to different kind of frauds. You need to make sure that you will choose a reliable moving company. That is the one that is experienced enough and the one that will not take advantage of you during a stressful period. Learn how to recognize fraudulent movers and go through relocation as stress-free as it is possible.

Consider When Choosing A Reliable Moving Company

In order to choose the right movers, that is in order, you avoid fraudulent movers you have to know a few simple things. First, when you are deciding what moving company you want to hire do your research thoroughly. The best option is to hire a company that somebody recommended to you. This is, of course, significant if the recommendation is coming from somebody that you trust. Considering that not everybody has the luxury to know somebody that is recently moved, in that case, you can do online research. Make sure to check their references and also experiences from previous customers.

Another important thing is that you hire a licensed mover. This is not a good time to try to spare a buck or two, especially on this. Cheaper is not always better. If you are working with a licensed mover, you have insurance you need.

Fraud alert sign on a computer
Avoid unnecessary stress of frauds by hiring a reliable moving company.

Always have in mind that moving company is there to make your relocations as stress-free as it is possible. That is why you have to make a good decision. You need to help your movers by giving them detailed instructions and agree with them for all the service they are offering, in advance.  If you have in writings their offer, it is one of the safe ways to avoid fraudulent movers.

Experience of the moving company is one of the most important factors if you are moving long distance. Choose a mover that has experience in this type of move, because it is not quite the same as moving in your neighborhood. Fraudulent movers will surely try to use your relocation to charge you more than they should.

How To Recognize Fraudulent Movers?

When The Price Is Too Low

The question is very common with people that are moving. How will they know whom to trust? Some indicators will show you fraudulent movers. For example, if you are negotiating with a moving company and they give you a price that is very different comparing to some other movers. In that case, be sure to check them thoroughly. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes companies give you lower price at the begging only to take you more money in the end.

Be extra careful, because some of the fraudulent movers tend to hold your belongings if you do not agree to pay extra cash before the moving is complete.

Red flag sign - you need to know how to recognize fraudulent movers
Too low price can mean that you will be charged extra later on.

Big Cash Deposits In Advance

You always have to think twice when movers ask you to pay the upfront large amount of cash. Especially when it is a nonrefundable, cash deposit. Moving companies that work by the book will not force you to pay most of the price in advance and in cash no less. This is one of the important warning signs to recognize fraudulent movers.

Only Online Address

When you have difficulties to find a company’s address and location, something is not right. A reliable and honest company will try to attract you to visit them, so they develop their business and customer service as better as they can. You will be able to see their vehicles with a company name on it. If you cannot find them so you can visit their office and make an agreement, then move on. Consider some other moving company with good recommendations.

Get A Written Estimate

Always insist to have a written estimate. Moving companies usually have a free estimated quote, which is not precise, and it is ok. However, when you get the exact price from movers, make sure that you have it on paper. Sign a contract that is clear to you. Usually, a person comes to inspection and then movers give you an exact price. This is a reliable way for both movers and you to make sure that everything is in order. A red flag to recognize fraudulent movers is if they don’t come to house inspection.


You need to have an insurance policy on your goods when you are moving. If a moving company a blank insurance policy on everything you have, then it is a fraud. Fraudulent movers will try to deceive you this way.

File A Complaint If Needed

In a perfect world, there are no accidents, no breaks, and damages. However, even if movers are careful; it can come to damage or breakage. If that is the case, you can to file a complaint. Before your moving day, make sure that you check with movers what their policy on damages is. If they are agreeing to pay damage they have made, you can relax a little. Make an inventory of your belongings if something gets lost during a move you will know. Also, if something is damaged make sure that you take a photo of that item.

Man calling call center
You can file a complaint if you cannot solve a problem with your mover.

Before you file a complaint, contact your movers and see what happened and if you can solve your problem with them. Give them a chance to fix a problem, before you file a complaint. Fraudulent movers won’t be interested in solving your issues.

Use The Internet

Nowadays you can find a lot of information on almost anything, online. If you cannot find any review or previous customers’ experiences for particular movers, it is time to be suspicious. Check forums, reviews, and ratings before you decide whom to hire. Fraudulent movers sometimes have false reviews online, but you can usually see right through it.

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