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Those who own a piano could tell you how precious it is to them. And when the day for moving it to a new location comes, even if it is the next room, or across town, it is not something that should be taken lightly. Which is why you should not take the thing into your own hands when this kind of moving is in question. Instead, consider contacting piano movers Northern VA in order to have your piano safely transported. The benefits of this decision are many and with them by your side, you will have all the necessary help from the first to the last step. Let the Carmack Moving & Storage Northern VA experienced piano movers help you move your piano in the most efficient and safest way.

Safety comes first when moving a piano

As we mentioned earlier, a piano is really a heavy item and only people with enough experience should be allowed to handle its transport. One of the most common problems when relocating is not having enough and proper preparations. Unfortunately, this leads to moving injuries which could be very serious. And since we are talking about a bulky and a very heavy item, you can only imagine how serious this injury could be. So, under no circumstances should you try to move it yourself. Not even if you have a couple of strong friends who are willing to offer their help. One wrong move is enough to cause an avalanche of all different kinds of problems. True, depending on a type of piano, the weight varies. However, always think of safety. Sometimes, the muscles are not the only required condition. The technique also plays a big role.

let piano movers Northern VA help you move your piano
The Grand Piano is one of the heaviest pianos which is why you should not move it on your own

Steps for hiring reliable piano movers Northern VA

We are sure that by now you have many questions as to how to locate the professional movers who can guarantee you safe transportation of your precious item. One of the things we recommend you immediately is to start with the search well ahead of the moving day. In this way, you will have higher chances to examine thoroughly all the candidates that come into consideration.

More useful pieces of advice on how to find the best ones

  • Do not hire piano movers without scheduling an appointment. This step is practical for many reasons. First of all, you will make sure that this is a real company, with a physical representative office where you can have a face-to-face conversation about your upcoming piano relocation.
  • Inquire about all moving services they offer. When moving a piano, you will probably need to pack other accessories needed for performing on this musical instrument such as a piano stool, musical notes, metronome, protective cover, etc. So, check if this moving company can provide you with this particular service.
  • Compare moving quotes. As the budget is one of the most important questions when planning relocation, do make sure to have a clear picture on this. It is your absolute right to ask about the price before signing a contract. And in order to find the one which offers the best conditions at a fair price, you will need several estimates from different moving companies. Note that companies which operate in a fair way will offer a free estimate by themselves.
  • See what the reviews say. When choosing among several piano movers do not skip checking the reviews. There you can read other people’s experience with a company which will help you come to the best piano movers Northern VA.

All of these steps are very much useful when comparing moving companies. As the search could take a while, use the time wisely.

Piano movers Northern VA are skilled moving every kind of a piano

As there are so many different kinds pianos, starting from upright to grand pianos, the true piano movers should be eligible for handling each and every one of them. This is precisely why you shouldn’t trust the first company you come across.  You need to make sure that the one you hire is the one who really knows their job.

a set of skills, two shaking hands
A combination of skills is needed to handle a piano properly

Carefully creating a moving strategy

With Carmack Moving & Storage piano movers Northern VA you can be completely at ease knowing that your precious musical instrument is in good hands. With expertise and long experience, we know how to carefully build a strategy for moving your piano. As soon as we step inside your home, we begin with analyzing the overall situation. We measure the piano first as well as the sizes of all the doors. Also, a very important factor when moving the instrument is whether there are any stairs in the house.

Together as a team, we make a decision which is the best not only for the piano but also for all other pieces of furniture you have in the house. Our goal is to protect everything of value in the house when moving the piano. Therefore, if the situation is such that the piano should be dismantled, you have a reliable partner in piano movers Northern VA who have gone through similar situations countless times before.

The piano is being transported with care

Once all the safety measures have been taken, the piano is ready to be transported to the moving vehicle. This is the moment where hiring professional piano movers again turns out to be the only right choice. The serious movers, such as piano movers Northern VA, will provide a vehicle specially designed for these types of transportation. The vehicle should be equipped with a lift gate, but also with soft suspensions.

Our movers will use only the quality packing materials

Before the piano is being loaded into a moving vehicle, every piece of the piano will be secured. This way, we will prevent any kind of damages that might occur during transportation. Carmack moving and storage will use the best packing materials for your piano. We will bring enough wrapping materials to additionally secure the fragile parts. Moreover, we will use the finest moving blankets to cover the piano.

Moving is truly a serious venture. And when you need to transport sensitive items and pieces of furniture, such as the piano, it is for the best to have someone with experience to help you out. Contact piano movers Northern VA today and find out why we are the best.