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Tips For Moving With Your Dog

To relocate without problems and unnecessary stress, you should prepare in advance, make checklists, organize, and sort out your budget. You should also consider hiring a professional movers Rockville MD because they will take care of your belongings and relocate everything fast and safely. However, there are some other things you should take care of, such as your lovely pet! Today, we will talk about moving with your dog! So let’s see what do you need to make moving with your dog easier on you and your furry friend as well.

Moving With Your Dog – What Do You Need To Know?

Everyone moved at least one time in their life. However, on average, an American person moves 11 times. We all know how stressful the moving process can be. It also takes a lot of time. Moving with your dog is a hard task, especially if you are making a long-distance move and you can’t transport your dog on your own. You should hire long distance movers Virginia to go through the moving process fast and safely.

Now, let’s see what do you need to know and how to prepare your lovely dog for transportation. Here are some tips:

  • Check on Laws and Regulations
  • Visit Your Current Vet
  • Search for the New Vet
  • Travel Together With Your Dog
  • Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable At Your New Home

Moving With Your Dog? – Check On Laws And Regulations

Check on Regulations and Laws of the state you are moving to with your dog. Every state has different laws and regulations of the entry of the pet. Therefore, before you move, you should contact one of the vets in the capital city of the state you are moving to and ask about laws and regulations for your dog. You can also contact the town hall or city clerk to find out about regulations and license fees. Here are some pet-friendly destinations in Virginia!

Visit Your Current Vet

Most of the pets are scared of the unknown. It will be easier on them when you are around, but still, they are not big fans of traveling. Well, most of the pets are not. To help your dog go through the move, you should ask for advice from your dog’s vet.  The vet will help with behavior modification techniques or medications if that is necessary.

While you are there, get your dog’s medical record. You will need to transfer the medical history to the new vet’s office at your new place of living. You should also ask your current vet if they know some good vet in the city you are moving to and if they do, ask them to schedule an appointment.

Moving With Your Dog – Search For A New Vet

You will most likely visit your new home before you move in, at least one or two times! If none of your friends and family members can suggest a good vet in your new city, you should search on your ownWhile you are visiting, you should find a vet, transfer your dog’s medical records, and schedule an appointment. You will be able to visit your new vet as soon as you arrive! Pets are usually scared of new places and people, therefore, you should know how to prepare your dog for the vet visit!

Vet carrying small white dog

Travel Together – You And Your Pup!

Long-distance and nationwide moving can be tough, for your dog, especially! You should hire professionals to take care of your dog and transport your furry friend to your new destination safely. However, if you are moving locally, your dog should move with you in your car! They will feel safe and comfortable if they travel with you! Dogs are scared of the unknown, but they adapt fast if they have someone they love with them! You should also plan ahead and check for specialized transportation carriers or seat belts for more substantial dogs in the pet shops around you!

Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable At Your New Home

Make your dog feel comfortable and safe by keeping their items from the previous house. You can buy new dishes and toys anytime but trust us, keep their old ones for a while. Place their old bowls for water and food next to the back door (if that was the place where they used to be at your previous destination). Place their “bed” next to your reading chair and everything else next to the items they are familiar with. That is the easiest way for your dog to adapt to the new environment.

Professional Mover

Meeting. Laptop

You will surely take care of your dog, but who will take care of you?  Having plenty of things on your mind brings you unnecessary stress and headaches. The moving process takes a lot of your precious time. Therefore, you should hire Carmack Moving & Storage and forget about moving stress. A professional mover has excellent workers and tons of experience in the moving industry. They will pack and relocate your belongings safely and quickly.

Every professional moving company will calculate the cost of your move in advance. Give them a call, and they will send a team to your location for a house inspection! A professional mover has plenty of moving services to offer.

These were the tips for moving with your dog! Dogs get scared if unknown people or the environment surrounding them. However, they will adapt quickly if they have someone around that they love and trust. Therefore, if it’s possible, you should travel together with your dog. The best idea is to put your dog in your car and relocate to your new destination. Your pets will feel safe and comfortable if you are with them through the whole relocation process. Good luck with your move! Have a good life, and take care of your lovely dog!

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