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Moving a few blocks away from your current residence is a complicated process. The move itself may not take too much of your time, but the preparations process surely will. Now, think about how much time you would have to invest in order to move long distance by yourself. Since moving long distance is a much more complex process, we would suggest getting help from the people who do it every day. Long distance movers Virginia are moving professionals that can take you anywhere you would like to go. Now, there are many long distance movers Virginia that you can choose from. Still, Carmack Moving & Storage is the company that you should opt for when moving away. Let’s see what you can expect from us should you decide to hire the best moving company on the market for the most reasonable price available.

Why Carmack Moving & Storage should be your preferred moving company

Carmack Moving & Storage is a moving company with a proven track record in the field of successful moving. Our goal is to make your move simple and stress-free. You must be wondering how we do this. There are several key components to our success:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Experience
  • Assistance with moving preparations
  • High-quality customer service
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Affordable pricing


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Trustworthiness is the path that we have taken in order to succeed in the moving business

In order to obtain customers, every company needs to showcase that it is a reliable moving company. We know that our potential customers need to understand that they are hiring the most trustworthy among long distance movers Virginia. In order to create such an image for Carmack Moving & Storage and make sure it remains up to date, we encourage our customers to leave their feedback on our social media or Yelp pages. We invest all of our beings in the moving process. Therefore, we are eager to have our customers rate us online. We live in the era when information is all around us. All that you need to do is to reach for it. Use it to your advantage and choose Carmack Moving & Storage for a safe and easy move.


You will be happy to know that we are a licensed, insured and bonded moving company with many awards and certification earned for our immaculate performance in the moving industry.  However, the most important aspect of moving is knowing the job to the bits. Moving industry is very similar to almost every other kind of industry in terms of obtaining the knowledge. There is a limited amount of knowledge that you can learn about logistics in school. The most important bit comes from experience.

We have been on the market long enough to gather the necessary knowledge about what we need to do in order to execute an efficient relocation. The secret lies in the details. Thanks to our experience, we are able to personalize every move. This is exactly the approach that we take with all of our clients. This practice is the reason why we top the list of the best long distance movers Virginia. Therefore, if you are looking for a top tier moving company to help you with your long distance relocation, look no further – Carmack Moving & Storage is the moving company for you.

Assistance with moving preparations by one of the top long distance movers Virginia

One of the perks of hiring experienced long distance movers Virginia is the fact that we have the knowledge of the tricks and tips of the trade. Therefore, all of our employees know how relocation works in terms of careful planning of the chores that need taking care of before the moving day comes. We have moved a lot of people who had not moved before. Still, all of them have been given valuable tips on how much time they would require in order to complete the move-related chores. While we may not be the experts in administration issues, we surely can help you prepare for the move.

a week by week moving timeline with long distance movers Virginia
Need help with creating your moving plan? Let us know and we’ll provide you with general guidelines!

High-quality customer service

One of the best-known facts about Carmack Moving & Storage is the fact that we have the best customer service that you will experience in the moving industry. All of our associates are full-time employees who take great pride in what they do. Furthermore, we take good care of them. This way, we make sure that they will take care of the most important aspect of any business – its customers. There is a saying that the best worker is the one that is happy with what he does and with the conditions under which he operates.

While moving can be a hectic business, we make sure that our workers are happy with their employer. Consequently, they are more than happy to go the extra mile in order to make our customers happy as well. By taking care of our employees, we take care of you as well. This is just one of the aspects needed in order to operate some of the best long distance movers in Virginia.

Packing and unpacking services

One of the basic services provided in modern moving companies is packing and unpacking servicesCarmack Moving & Storage offers this kind of service to all of our residential and commercial clients who require help with moving their household items or tools of the trade. Be it a gym equipment, office furniture or general electrical appliances, we are ready to help. Thanks to our vehicles being equipped with lifting capabilities, they enable us to transport all of your items regardless of their weight and size.

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If you are looking for affordable movers, look no further!

Affordable pricing

Lastly, let us point out that, as one of the top long distance movers Virginia, Carmack Moving & Storage offers unbeatable pricing for our moving services. We will provide you with free estimates prior to the move. Therefore, you will know, at any time, how much your move will cost, no hidden fees! Therefore, give us a call and  get ready for a moving service of your lifetime!