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Pet-Friendly Destinations In Virginia

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One thing is sure, pets are our family, and we should treat them as family members. They accompany us everywhere through life; they make us laugh and feel joyful. That is why it is essential to show love and appreciation for them by taking them to pet-friendly destinations in Virginia. Virginia is generally considered to be a pet-friendly country, but some places offer more than the others. Although there are some things you need to know before moving to Virginia, and here we will present to you our favorite destinations.

What Does Pet-Friendly Even Mean?

It is wrong to assume that pet-friendly means that your dogs are allowed to go somewhere. Although this is mostly the case, the term itself is even bigger. It means that you have a lot of parks at your disposal where you can take your pet and play with it. Pet-friendly also means that the cost of veterinary service is lower. You shouldn`t have to pay a small fortune when you need to treat your pet. It means that you can take your pet to a restaurant, on a beach, to a hotel. Somewhere where they will treat them with care and love they deserve.

a sign that dogs are allowed somewhere
Don`t you feel relieved when you see pets are allowed to sign at a restaurant, or on a beach, in a hotel? You don`t have to worry anymore, Virginia is a pet-friendly country.

Furthermore, having a lot of animal shelters is very important as you can smoothly proceed with pet adoption and make a new pet happy. How can someone say that the area is pet-friendly if you can see a lot of stray dogs and cats walking around? Luckily, you do not have to worry about this as there are plenty of pet-friendly destinations in Virginia.

Top Pet-Friendly Destinations In Virginia

Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly destinations in Virginia. We hope you like them just like your pets would.


a black and white dog in front of a white kennel
Purchase the best equipment for your pets in pet-friendly destinations in Virginia and make them happy.

What you should know before moving to Alexandria is that it has it all when it comes to dogs. If there were a heaven on earth for dogs, it would be here definitely. After the move, there is no better place to take your dog rather than in the pet salon, where your dog can receive a relaxing doggy spa treatment. And if your dog has been a truly good boy, and you want to treat it with the top-notch things go straight to King Street and enter The Dog Park Shop. Here are some of the things you can buy here for your pet:

  • collars
  • bowls
  • clothes
  • skin care
  • accessories

As if this is not enough, Alexandria also has restaurants where your dogs can eat as well on a pet-friendly patio. Furthermore, if you want to take your dog to a fenced park where you do not have to worry about losing your dog, there are even 6 of them in Alexandria and many more unfenced dog parks. And, of course, great Alexandria movers are always here to help you move with your pet to one of the best pet-friendly destinations in Virginia.


Sterling, Virginia is home to many animal shelters, and there are many more in its vicinity. If you want to adopt a pet, you can do this in Sterling. It is such an act of kindness, and it will bring you more joy than you could ever expect. If you want another dog, cat, or parrot, go to one of many animal shelters and adopt. Beside animal shelters, there are amazing parks in Sterling that are pet-friendly. Enjoy the long walks with your pets and meet many other pet owners that can as well become your friends for life. Pet-friendly destinations in Virginia may have a winner here.

After taking a walk in the pet-friendly parks, feel free to enjoy the restaurants in which both you and your pet will enjoy excellent food. Furthermore, there are plenty of hotels that do not charge additional pet fees when your pet is staying the night. You will not feel alone or worry about taking your pet with you ever again if you move to Sterling. Of course, you do not have to worry about moving to Sterling with your pets, when there are exquisite local movers Sterling VA here.

Virginia Beach

Imagine a morning jog with your dog on one of the pet-friendly beaches in Virginia Beach. There are a lot of pet-friendly destinations in Virginia, and this one is definitely one of the most attractive ones. Nature, sea, sun, breeze, and your dog is playing with other dogs. It is everything you could ever dream of, and dreams really do come true in Virginia Beach. Equipped with numerous hotels, restaurants, and parks, Virginia Beach is high on the list of pet-friendly destinations. Indulge yourself in your pet owner life as it has never been easier here.

a dog playing with a ball on the beach
Playing with your dog on a pet-friendly beach in Virginia is like a dream come true, filled out with pure happiness.

What Does Your Pet Need Before You Move?

It needs a lot of time to play and its favorite toys, of course. And all the love you can give it. Moving can be stressful and frustrating at times, and it is vital that your pet does not feel that anxiety at all times. It is hard to stay calm and playful when the house is full, and all the things are disappearing one by one. We can only imagine how they feel at those times. Making sure that we choose one of the best pet-friendly destinations in Virginia is something we owe to our pets. Besides this, remember to take your pet to the vet before you move, so that someone familiar can treat him if necessary. Also, check whether your pet needs a passport if you are moving internationally. Furthermore, installing a microchip in your pet is probably the best thing you can do to avoid losing your pet.

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