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Preparing A Car For Transport


Maybe you are moving to somewhere far-far away, or you are just shipping your car away so you can have an adventure on another continent. Whatever it may be, you are in need of car transport, and we hope that you found a reliable transporter. However, now you are probably wondering about preparing a car for transport. We got you covered!

How Is It Done?

So what to expect when trying to get your car transported by Virginia auto transport, or any auto transport company for that matter. Well, first and foremost, you ought to do the paperwork.

Now we know, that’s not an entertaining process, but with such a prized and valuable possession as a car on the line, you will need to take your time and do it properly. Once it is done, you can schedule a car transport. Date and time will be picked to suit both you and the company. The team will arrive, and they will thoroughly examine your car to conclude that it is indeed in a condition they are willing to do a transport with. Of course, this part you probably already know, and this is precisely why you have to take your time in preparing a car for transport. They have strict regulation concerning what is or isn’t permissible. We will cover them in greater detail later.

And then what? Do they get in your car and drive it? No. They are a shipping service after all (though ships may or may not be involved. Most likely they will load it into a truck with many other such cars, and transport it across the country/continent/world – wherever you paid it to be.

After your comfortable flight, at previously agreed upon time and place, you will have your car unloaded. An inspection will follow to check the state of the car. If you can find faults that were not there, you should report it there and then. Only then car insurance will mean anything. Reporting the damage after will not be considered.

So, as for the state of your car, how should you be preparing a vehicle for transport?

State Of Your Car – Before And After

If you just booked your interstate movers Virginia and planned everything out, you now need to consider how will your valuables, including your car, be transported. Now, usually, the biggest fear for customers such as yourself is that their precious American symbol of personal freedom will get damaged. Fear not. The chances of your car getting damaged during transport are quite slim. But, since slim does not mean that there is no chance what-so-ever, we have a few steps you should take to make sure your car was not damaged when it arrives.

Check everything
Check everything!

There are a few steps to be taken before you start preparing a car for transport. These are steps taken to make sure that you know exactly in what condition is your car shipped. So, inspection time!

  • Get your pen and paper and write down everything – from glasses, good and tires to custom elements, seats, air conditioning – anything and everything in and of your car.
  • Secondly, take pictures. When preparing a car for transport, it is important to know exactly how it looked. Video proof is the best there is in this task.
  • Drive it around – get a feel for how it is controlled.
  • A different perspective – get someone else to take a look as well. A friend or family. That way they might see something you miss.

If your car has a problem, you only notice now, better get it fixed. Maintenance now rather than later is preferable, as your transport will still include the minimal amount of driving (on and off the transport).

Preparing A Car For Transport

Finally, after you made sure that car works in good order and that it has no damage (or has some, but now, at least, you know it is not from the shipping process), you can enlist the help of your long distance movers Virginia and prepare a car for transport.


First and foremost, wash your car. You can do this in the carwash or by yourself, it really doesn’t matter, but the simple truth is that you want your car to be washed before the transport. After all, it is only a pleasant bonus, if nothing else. Get your car squeaky.

preparing a car for transport by washing
Preparing a car for transport by washing it

Oh, and this goes for both inside and out. Preparing a car for transport means getting into the best shape possible.

Tire Pressure, Gas, Leaks, Etc.

Now, moving a car is definitely considered a special kind of move. Same goes for heavy, valuable furniture, electronics,  or something like the jobs piano movers northern VA do… but the car has an added feature – lots of parts and systems. There are a few things you have to do.

full gas
You are not driving it anywhere at the moment, no need for full gas…

First and foremost, it is in your best interest to make it lighter- after all, you are paying for it. Go for an empty gas tank, as it will make it weightless and far safer for transport. Leaks are to checked as well.  A leaking car will not pass initial inspection and I will not be transported. Furthermore, check for tire pressure and make sure it is good.

Personal Items

Empty the car of all personal items. Only things to stay are safety kits, spare tires – that sort of thing. Car transporters will not move a car with personal belongings due to insurance policies and safety concerns. They are simply not licensed to do such an operation.

Off You Go!

After you finish up preparing a car for transport, there is nothing left expect to kick back and relax. Your car will be delivered to your new location in no-time. We wish you the best of luck in all the other moving preparation you are doing!

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