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Why You Should Choose One Company For All Moving Services

One Company For All Moving Services

Everyone wants to find a way to reduce both the cost and the effort of their move. One of the simplest solutions for these problems is to hire a moving company. This decision may seem to be a counterproductive step for saving money, but the efficiency and safety improvements often outweigh the moving fee.

Customers frequently decide to use the services of multiple companies in an attempt to reduce their expenses. The belief is that if they choose the business that offered the lowest estimate on each of the services, they will save themselves the most money possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the best option or even the most affordable decision.

Here are three reasons why you should choose one moving company for all of your moving services, such as packing, unpacking, storage, and transport.

1. You’ll Stay On Budget More Easily

You’ll have an easier time staying on budget when you have fewer expenses to record. The use of multiple companies means you must watch out for extra fees and keep a variety of contracts, estimates, and invoices organized. The organizational skills of most people are not at their best when they have all of their belongings in boxes.

Another concern is how to remember which company handled each task. This record is necessary to make sure invoices are correct. Otherwise, you could easily pay twice for services that only one company provided. The whirlwind of activity during a move makes it a challenge to remember all of the details when the relocation is complete.

Many companies offer better rates when they provide a variety of moving services. These discounts help, as do the tips they offer throughout the move for each upcoming stage of the process.

2. You’ll Protect Your Property

Over 120,000 people are employed by the moving industry in the United States, and over 650,000 people contact moving companies each year for help with their move. With tens of thousands of boxes and sofas and other items being loaded and unloaded every year, it is not surprising that sometimes mistakes happen.

Mistakes are rare, but items do occasionally get broken or lost. Filing a claim is a simple process that becomes complicated when you have no way to know who was to blame for the mistake. A breakage may have occurred as the items were packed, while they were in storage, or as they were transported from one place to another.

To prevent this confusion in the first place, hire one company, make certain all property is covered by insurance, and carefully review all inventory documents before and after the move takes place. Also, inspect items as they are unloaded and unpacked, and contact the company as soon as a problem is discovered. Following these steps is the easiest way to protect all belongings.

3. You’ll Keep The Moving Process Simple

You can make the moving process much more efficient when working with only one company. You’ll schedule all the services at the same time rather than contact each company to find out when they are available and move dates around to accommodate more than one service.

Not every company will have the same dates open, and a delay by one of the movers could throw off the schedule completely. These delays are not only frustrating but could become expensive if the packing is not complete when the moving truck arrives.

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