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Our moving professionals are trained at our very own facility, and they know just about everything there is to know about all moving services, including, packing, loading, and moving. We’ll meticulously wrap each item, and protect your floors, doors, and banisters. As professional movers, we cover every single step of your critical move from planning and logistics, to packing, and delivery. We’ll even store your belongings at our secure and clean storage facility while you transition from one home to the next. 

We listen to your every need and perform a visual survey of your home. This includes, but not limited to, storage areas, garages, attics and outdoor spaces. By doing so, our professional on-site consultant can give you an accurate estimate to match any budget.

We’re rated with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau and have helped move everyone from local families and small businesses, to corporations and government facilities. If you want to hire a professional moving company with over 30 years experience, that will protect your belongings and make your move stress and hassle free, then contact Carmack Moving & Storage.

We strive to make our customers’ lives easier with professional guidance and convenient, value-added moving services. We can customize your moving plan across the country or down the block, no matter what you’re moving, we can handle it. We guarantee that if your belongings aren’t delivered within the timeframe we provided—WE’LL pay YOU!

Check out these moving tools & tips we’ve put together to help your move be stress free, and go even smoother from beginning to end.

Moving Services for Residents
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    These moves are for those who wish to move within their surrounding area and are calculated on an hourly basis. We are geographically set in a 30-mile commercial zone radius in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and even though state lines may be crossed, it will be considered a local move with that zone.

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    These moves are for those who wish to move at over 30 miles from their current location, however still within the state of Virginia. The charges for an Intra-state move are based on weight, miles, and the customer’s personal requirements.

  • 3

    These moves are for those who wish to relocate to another state in the USA. This type of relocation is calculated based on a weight, miles, and the customer’s personal requirements.

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    We are equipped to handle automobile shipments with a customer’s household goods shipment.

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