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What To Pack Last On A Moving Day?

Picture of a woman unpacking kitchen things

The moving day has finally arrived, and you are feeling lost? Well, it would, indeed, be an understatement to say that you will be calm at this point. Everything happening that day is usually chaotic, and you will remember it with a smile on your face weeks after it is over. Make it less stressful with Carmack Moving and Storage, VA. To avoid making any mistakes during the moving day, we bring you tips on what to pack last on a moving day.

Make A List Of What To Pack Last On A Moving Day

When planning the move, it is best to have a planner and write your thoughts on it. Making a list of items you will pack last on a moving day will make you more efficient. Also, make sure to hire reliable, commercial movers, VA.  It will save you time as well as your common sense. Imagine knowing everything that you should pack by heart, but ending up forgetting to pack your phone charger. You should not go with the flow with packing on a moving day, write everything down and enjoy.

The Essentials Bag

The essentials bag is a bag that you will use within the first hours of your arrival into the new house. It should contain everything that is of the highest importance to you and what you will need. The best way to pack for a move is to you will place all the documents you need for the road for you and your family in your essentials bag.

Furthermore, you would not like to have your phone battery empty, hence pack the phone chargers. Cash is the next on the list of essential things you should always have near you. If you are moving with children, remember to place a favorite blanket or a  toy in the essentials bag, and you will calm your child within seconds. When you arrive at your new place, you will easily find the keys in the essentials bag and save yourself from having to search for it.


Are you moving to a country or a town with a colder climate or a warmer climate? Bear this in mind while you are packing the clothes for at least two days after the move. You do not want to spend hours searching for pants and a t-shirt or a sweater that will match. Save space when packing your clothes, and pack clothes for at least 24 hours and corresponding shoes that will go with it. The entire family should do the process if you are not moving alone. Extra clothing is something you should not forget to pack last on a moving day.


You should not forget packing toiletries on a moving day. Pack a soap, a shampoo, showering gel, your face mask and you will be prepared for the move. Avoid searching for these items when you arrive at your new home, as the first thing you will want to do after the hard and exhausting day is to take a proper shower. That is why toiletries should be among thing you pack last on a moving day.

Scent sticks, shampoo, conditioner and a showering gel on a shelf in the bathroom
After a long, exhausting day of moving, you want your toiletries to be near you so that you can jump in the hot shower.


What to eat on a moving day is a big question. Although, there may be some grocery shops near your new home, why risk not having food as soon as you get hungry? You do not need this kind of stress while unpacking. Pack snacks for the road, and some fresh food that you will be able to prepare once you are hungry quickly.  Purchase a bit of fruit and vegetables, and make sandwiches as your first aid kit. You will thank us afterward. While you are at it, buy enough drinking water to have for the road, and in your new place in case there is no water there immediately. When it comes to food here is a list of items you need to pack:

  • disposable plates,
  • cups
  • cutlery
  • knifes
  • forks (can be plastic as well)
assorted vegetables, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, celery and
What you should pack last on a moving day is definitely some fresh food, including vegetables that you can easily prepare and consume


Remember that you will need some sheets and blankets and pillows for sleeping during your last night before the move. Hence, make sure to have enough of these. Otherwise, you will freeze and maybe catch a cold. And this is something you do not want on your moving day. Pack them last on a moving day, and you will not regret it.

Cleaning Supplies

You have packed everything you need in boxes, and now you want to clean your old place while it is empty. And then you find yourself asking in which box are the cleaning supplies. Avoid this by packing the cleaning supplies last on a moving day. Plus, when you arrive at your destination, the first thing you will want to do before unpacking is cleaning. That is a unique opportunity to clean everything before you unpack all your stuff.

Medicine And First-Aid Kit

Do not pack your medication in the boxes; keep them always near you. Prescriptive or non-prescriptive, you may need them at any time. The moving period is stressful, and your immune system is fragile and tends to drop.  Perhaps you will get a headache or if you want to stop coughing, make sure you have medicines nearby.  The first-aid kit is essential when it comes to moving. There is no reason to risk injuring yourself and not having the first-aid kit next to you. You do not want to search for the first-aid kit for hours if you need it immediately.

assorted medication tables and capsules
The medicine should always be within your reach, avoid packing it until the moving day, and even then place it in the essentials bag


It is not necessary to pack a whole box of tools, just a few that you may think you need them. A screwdriver and a hammer, for example, may come in handy both in your new and in your old house. You will be able to fix leakage or nail something right at the spot when you are leaving your old place. What you should not forget are the scissors and box cutters as well. That will not take up much space, and it will make the move much easier for you in the first moments you get into your new home.

We have given you some very useful tips on what you should pack last on a moving day. Now, you are ready for the move with all essentials items within your hand reach.

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