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What To Eat On Moving Day?

Picture of a family unpacking things

The moving process is a process of hustling and bustling from day one of moving preparations. Still, while the process itself can take a while to complete, including finding the right place to move to, planning the move and taking care of all of the paperwork, the longest day is undoubtedly going to be the moving day. Your movers are going to arrive probably reasonably early in the morning. Before their arrival, you should be all made up and ready to go. Given the fact that on that day you are going to have so many things to take care of from the moment you open your eyes, you should plan when and what you are going to eat. To help you make the right choice, we’re going to take a look at what to eat on a moving day. Plan in advance and move easily.

Cereals are one of the easiest, but not the most fulfilling breakfast options

Why It Is Essential To Plan What To Eat On A Moving Day

On a moving day, you are going to have to wake up quite early. If you manage to fall asleep, that is. No matter whether you had had a good night’s sleep before or you spent the night worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring, you will have to get going right from the moment when you open your eyes. Given the fact that your home is going to be teeming with residential movers Virginia on that day, you will probably not have that much time to take care of the food.

So, make sure to make a meal plan for your moving day. Know when you are supposed to eat and stick to the schedule as much as you can. You might need to adjust it here and there. Still, it is vital to stick to it as much as you can. Who knows, miss a meal in the planned time and you may not be able to eat till the evening.

What Should You Eat On A Moving Day?

On a moving day, you will have no time to dedicate to preparing food. Heck, your dishes and kitchen appliances will be all packed up. Therefore, you will not be able to make the food for your family. That means that you are supposed to manage. However, while you will have plenty of things to do, you should still make sure to have at least three main meals on that day:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

We are now going to take a look at the food options that you will have for each one of them.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that while you may be moving, you should keep up your manners. If you are eating while the moving services Sterling VA workers are around, make sure to offer them some food as well. Eating or not, make sure to prepare refreshments for your movers.

What To Eat On A Moving Day For Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the strength to focus on our goals. On a moving day, your goals are going to be quite demanding. Therefore, make sure to eat right after waking up. Surely you would not want to eat while your professional packers Virginia are taking care of your items.

Breakfast options:

  • Cereals. These are easy and quick to prepare in the morning. All that you need is cereals themselves, milk or yogurt and a microwave oven. Should you manage to get up on time, you will have all of the necessary amenities within your reach. If you have already packed all of your dishes, you may need to choose a different breakfast option.
  • Pastry from the around-the-corner bakery. Eating dow early in the morning is very stuffing and fulfilling. Given the nature of your day, getting something from the bakery for your family may be your best bet. Still, depending on how far the bakery is, you might need to get up earlier than expected.

What To Eat On Moving Day – Lunch Edition

The second meal of your moving day should take place while your items are in the transport. Depending on how far or close your new place of residence is going to be, this is maybe the only moment of the day that you will have time to rest.

Image of Chinese soup
Order Chinese food on a moving day – hardly will you have the energy to prepare anything else

So, in the case that you are moving long distance, you are going to have two choices for lunch:

  • In the case that you are starving and need to rest before leaving your old apartment, you should order take-out. Eat and relax before hitting the road.
  • Otherwise, in the case that you are looking to leave your old place of residence, you may jump into your car and hit the road. Once you are hungry, stop at a first road-side restaurant and have lunch.

If you are moving close by, you should grab a bite or two after the moving truck has been loaded. Then, get into the car and head towards your new home. Prepare to unpack as quickly as possible. In this case, you will be eating an early dinner on a moving day.

Dinner Options To Eat On A Moving Day

No matter when you had already had to eat on a moving day, you will be looking forward to dinnertime. Dinner will be taking place after all of your items have been unloaded from the moving truck, and the movers left your new premises.

Pizza is a good option to eat on a moving day
Pizza is one of the perfect dinner options on a moving day

For dinner, you may choose one of the take-out lunch optionsChinese food or pizza is always a good idea. After such a long day, hardly will you have the energy needed to prepare dinner. It is much wiser to order food and then spend some more time unpacking. After all, unpacking is going to take a while, so do not postpone it more than you need to.


To make sure that your moving day passes the way you would want it to, you should make sure to plan the day carefully. In particular, make a plan of what you are going to eat on a moving day. Stick to that plan as much as you can. Otherwise, you may become hungry enough which can lead to irritation, a bad mood and lack of patience. That is something that you should avoid happening at all costs.

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