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Unexpected Costs Of Moving

Are you moving to a new home or apartment? The costs of getting all your belongings from one place to another can be quite surprising when you add it all up. Don’t be caught off guard by being prepared for these unexpected expenses that can occur when moving.

Multiple Moving Days

Moving furniture can be complicated when you are selling a house prior to your move. Your real estate agent may suggest that you stage your home with furniture so that buyers can get a better sense of what your home is like. You have a couple options to deal with this problem: Rent furniture for your old home until it sells or keep some old furniture behind for showings.

If you opt for the latter option, you end up having to hire movers to get all those items back after your home sells. The items that help a home show the best are especially large, like couches and beds, so it is not as simple as throwing them in the back of your car when you are ready for them.


Are you downsizing to a smaller home? You may quickly discover that you do not have the space you thought you would have at your new place.

You can live with those extra boxes stacked up to the ceiling, or you can rent a storage unit to keep your extra belongings. You can even have your movers take some boxes to a storage unit on the way to your new place. You may prefer to only have your essentials moved to your new home, with everything that needs to be sorted and purged sent to a storage unit.

You may also need a storage unit if you plan on being between homes. You may have a lease that ended before the sale of your home went through, or your old home sold too fast and you need to get out before you next place is ready. If you’re not able to transport everything yourself, or if you don’t want the hassle, pay a moving company bring those items to your storage unit and for them to be brought back as needed.

Carmack Moving & Storage offers short-term and long-term storage options for homeowners who need a little extra space.

Moving Insurance

Moving the entire contents out of your home, into a truck, and then moved to your new home, introduces the possibility of accidents or damage. While federal laws require that professional moving companies offer some liability coverage, this basic liability likely isn’t enough to cover the true value of your belongings.

For example, the regulations state that items covered at “released value” are insured at 60 cents per pound of the individual item, not by how much the item is worth. This means a 50 pound dresser would only be insured for $30 if it was damaged, not the full price that the dresser is worth.

Thankfully, professional movers offer additional Full Value Protection (FVP)  to repair or replace your belongings if they are accidentally broken by the movers. The additional coverage gives you the peace of mind that everything will make it to your new place intact one way or another. Talk with your insurance agent to learn about other moving insurance options covered by your homeowner’s policy and to your mover about FVP coverage.

Moving Materials

You can’t skimp on moving materials during a big move. While you may be tempted to put things in garbage bags or odd shaped boxes, using improper moving materials can actually cost you more money in the end.

For starters, proper moving boxes allow you to stack them into the moving truck efficiently. You’ll save on space needed to fit everything inside, which means you’re less likely to need a second trip or you may be able to rent a smaller truck.

Properly-designed boxes also help keep your belongings secure. Order specialty boxes designed for things like big TVs, picture frames, lamps, wardrobe items and glassware.

Schedule a free consultation from Carmack Moving & Storage to start planning your move.

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