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Practical Guide To Downsizing For Seniors

Picture of a family unpacking things

After retirement, seniors usually think of traveling and using their free time to enjoy and visit all the places they had no time for while they were working. Many seniors decide to downsize in order to simplify their life, cut on costs or to be close to their children and grandchildren. However, the process of moving and downsizing can be tough, emotionally and physically. Therefore, we will try to make it easier for you by providing a practical guide to downsizing for seniors!

Practical Guide To Downsizing For Seniors

Even though you will have to give up on some of your belongings that you have kept for a long time, downsizing has its good sides too. However, if you want to keep some of your items because they have sentimental value, call your professional mover Carmack Moving & Storage Virginia and store your belongings safelyBeing with your family again, close to your kids and grandchildren is a very important thing for most of the people. However, some people have a hard time to accept that downsizing is the best option for them.  This guide to downsizing for seniors will help you go through the downsizing and moving process. So, let’s get started!

  • Give yourself time
  • Start with small things
  • Eliminate rooms you won’t have in your new home
  • Make Yes or No piles
  • Make a Yard/Garage or Internet Sale
  • Bond with people you love the most

Give Yourself Time

Since downsizing is very difficult for seniors, you should give yourself as much time as you need. The process of downsizing will definitely take a lot of time so you should take it easy. Therefore you should start sorting everything out at least a few months before your moving day comes. One weekend is not enough to go through all of your stuff. Start early and declutter room by room. Make breaks in between to reduce stress and pressure. You should also check on 10 simple tips for decluttering your home!

If you have decided to downsize, follow this Practical Guide to Downsizing for Seniors!
Take as much time as you need!

Start With Small Things

You probably already have some items that you wanted to get rid of for a while. Try not to dig into rooms such as the kitchen and garage at the very beginning. Start with areas with little emotional attachment such as the guest room, linen closet or a laundry room. If you are moving to a two bedroom apartment, 3-4 sets of sheets should be enough. The rest of the unnecessary sheets and pillow casings should go.

Eliminate Rooms You Won’t Have In Your New Home

Downsizing for seniors is difficult because they have to get rid of the items they had in their possession for a long time. If your new house has no garage or office space but you do have it now, you should sell, donate or throw away almost everything from these rooms. You will earn some money if you decide to sell some of your office furniture because it is more valuable than old sofas and mattresses.

If there are some items that you want to keep, you should consider getting a storage unit. Here are some useful tips on packing for storage! However, if you have some of “legacy gifts” that you want to pass to your children or grandchildren, now is the right time for that!

Make Yes Or No Piles

When you start going through the stuff make yes or no piles, Maybe Pile is out of the question! Trying to get rid of something that you had for years will be difficult, even if you didn’t use it for a long time. If you make “maybe” pile, eventually that one will be bigger than the other ones. Therefore, items that you are still using or you think you will use when you move to your new home should be on the Yes pile. Other items, that you had on shelves for more than a year, are the ones that should go away.

Pile of suitcases.
Make a “yes” and a “no” piles only, “maybe” pile is unnecessary because it will be bigger than the other two together!

Make A Yard/Garage Or Internet Sale

Since you have a lot of items that you will have to get rid of, it is time to make a garage sale! A garage sale is the fastest way of selling old or unnecessary items but the price of the items won’t be spectacular. Another way of selling your items is through the Internet! You can sell your items on the eBay too. The process of selling items over the internet might take more time but you will be able to get more money.

Bond With People You Love The Most

Invite your kids or grandchildren to come and spend the weekend with you. Tell them stories about trinkets and family heirlooms. Your grandchildren will love to listen to stories about their moms and dads school days. Go through the family pictures, recall some of the good memories. Soon you will move out and start making new memories in the new house. Your kids can also help you figure out what to pack last on a moving day! Remember that your family is important for the memories that you cherish, not the stuff around you.

Grandma and granddaughter! Smiling.
Your children are your biggest support!

Hire A Mover

Hire a professional mover to assist you with your move. They will provide moving services, such as packing and unpacking, the moving truck, moving insurance, moving boxes, etc. Every professional moving company has a license and good workers. They will calculate the costs of your move in advance. If you have any questions about the move, contact Carmack Moving & Storage Virginia. Their lovely employees will help you relocate as soon as possible.

This was the guild to downsizing for seniors! If you are surrounded by people you love you will adapt to a new home no matter where that is! Having a family that loves you is the most important thing in the world! Have a nice trip and good luck with your move!

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