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Packing For Storage 101

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Renting storage units is one of the best moves you can make in a case that you have excess items that you cannot fit anywhere. Storage units have become super popular in the past ten years. Given the fact that housing is becoming ever more expensive, storage units represent a cheap alternative to storing stuff that you might not need at the moment, but that you could use later on. Also, storage units are a good place for storing your belongings during a move. There are moving companies that can offer you bundled options that are cheaper than renting storage units just like that. However, it is important to know how to conduct packing for storage. Do it correctly and you will save money. Pack the wrong way and money will be flying out of your pockets. Here’s what you should pay attention to when packing for storage.

Packing for storing is like packing for moving
There are better ways to pack than in travel bags like this one

The General Overview

In order to make sure that we are going to cover all major aspects of packing for storage, we need to take a general look at the steps that we can take in order to pack correctly for secure storage Virginia:

  • Approach packing for storage the same way that you would approach packing for moving.
  • Choose the right moving boxes and do not overfill them. Make sure to use labels.
  • Moving boxes with hangers are a good idea for storing clothes.
  • Pack by weight. Heavier items should be the closest to the floor.

Use The Right Approach

Packing for storage should be done in the same way as packing for moving. You need to pay close attention to pack your items in the right order. Otherwise, you may end up using up too much space unnecessarily.

Suit cases place one on top of the other
Place your items carefully in the storage unit and make sure you use all of the space available to you

By using the right order of packing, we mean that you should try and place items one into another and save space that way. Obviously, you need to be careful when doing this. Depending on what you might need to store, incorrect handling of items can lead to their damaging. To make sure that they spend their time in storage units safe and sound, you need to use the right protection.

When it comes to using the correct protection techniques, we need to point out that classic moving protection is enough. Wrap all of your glassware in bubble-wrap if possible. Newspapers also represent a good way to separate fragile items from one another. While thin, when crumpled, paper forms air bubbles that create decent amortization effects. Similar in nature to bubble wrap, newspapers are still not as reliable protection. However, they do represent one of the fragile items packing tricks of the trade that professional movers can provide you with.

Choose The Right Moving Boxes

Another thing that you should do the same way as when packing for moving is to choose the right moving boxes for your belongings. In the case that you are going to place your items into the storage units right after moving, you are not going to suffer the dilemma of what moving boxes to choose. However, there are general rules to follow in this case:

  • Choose the moving boxes that are not going to be too small nor too large. Obviously, their sizes are going to vary depending on what needs to go inside them. Choose large enough boxes in order to fit a reasonable amount of items inside.
  • Make sure to not overload your boxes. Since you are going to be moving them around, you will want them to keep the correct shape. Cardboard moving boxes are great for packing for storage. However, they are not too sturdy. Mishandle them and you may end up breaking your items.

Storing Clothes

There are two ways that you can choose to store your clothes:

  • By folding them and placing them in plastic bags, such as space bags.
  • By investing in moving boxes with hangers.

Professional packers Virginia can help you pack in either case.

Clothes on hangers
Moving boxes with hangers are a great way to store your clothes

Space bags are amazing tools that can save you a lot of space in your storage unit. They are very easy to store when unneeded and to use to the best results. Depending on their size, you might need a vacuum cleaner to make the most of them. Alternatively, there are some of them that can be vacuumed by folding. Either way will ensure maximizing space usage. However, your clothes will get wrinkled for sure.

Therefore, if you think that you are going to need some of your clothes ready for putting on right away, you should most definitely invest in moving boxes with hangers. They will ensure that your clothes remain ready for wearing at any given moment.

Packing For Moving By Weight

As we have already pointed out, you need to do your best to save as much as space as possible. It is going to ensure that you will be optimizing your costs. In the times of moving, this is something that will prove very important to you.

Now, the best way to optimize your costs is to rent the storage unit that is going to be adequate for your needs. You should measure the load that you need to store and choose the unit according to the measurements you get. Obviously, in the case that your load is somewhere in the middle, you might want to choose a larger storage unit. Alternatively, always try to go for the smaller one. It is going to be cheaper. After all, it is what we are aiming for here.

In order to maximize the use of your space, you should look to place lighter items of yours on top of the heavier and the sturdy ones. This is going to prove instrumental when packing for storage in making the most out of the storage unit.

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