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Important Things To Measure Before A Move

Relocating A Business

Before you move there are a lot of things to take care of. Family or roommates, fees, picking a right moving company, searching for a new home, packing, etc. When you finally find that apartment just right for you, figure out how to move with a family or have found roommates, picked a moving company and all, you can almost see yourself in your new home. Except, your stuff, which we are confident you also imagine there, might not fit exactly as you plan them to. There are some important things to measure in your home before you move on with the moving process.

What would this be? We have some guidelines.

Planning Is Key

Pena and a plan for a new apartment
Some things in this world can be achieved without a plan. However, moving usually isn’t one of them.

When moving to a new location, it is imperative that you can find a place that will make you feel at home. For most of us, that means that we both like the house/apartment itself and also that we can easily envision our things in it. However, before you go to moving services Sterling VA and tell them to pack up everything, you have to be aware of the rather unpleasant fact: most of us suck at estimating measurement without any instruments.

Don’t be too surprised. Only professionals like movers, architects, and construction workers have those kinds of ability, and even they will always measure something twice, just to be sure. That is a good thing to emphasize. Whenever there are important things to measure – do it at least twice for each item. You would be surprised how often an inch just disappears or appears out of nowhere, and that inch can mean a difference between moving a piano or maybe reconsidering its new place at your future home.

So, now that we cleared up why measuring is so important, let us move on to what you should measure.

Important Things To Measure In Your Current Home

There are two types of measurement you can make. One doing measurements at your own home, of your furniture and other big possessions, and the other one is the measurement of room proportions and things such as hallways, stairs and elevator dimensions at your soon to be home. For now, let us first turn towards things closest to where you probably are now – your own home.

With that being said, what are important things to measure before you have furniture movers Sterling VA move your possessions?

In The Living Room

Important things to measure in the Living room
The living room is the sole of the house, so it is vital that this lounge area where you should feel at ease is well arranged and that all furniture finds its place.

So, let’s go room by room in search of essential things that ought to be measured before the move. Naturally, the best place to start is the living room, where (chances will have it) most of your furniture resides.

Items like sofas, couches, ottomans, chairs, tv, and bookshelves usually reside in this room. So, how to go about measuring them? Few things to keep in mind. Couches, sofas and such are not perfect, rectangular objects (like wardrobes or picture frames, but you still have to measure them as such. So when drawing height, you have to make an imaginary point in space in the highest height of the object and above one of its corners.

The second thing to keep in mind: when packing furniture, most of the time you can disassemble it. That may not apply (or be wise) when having valuable vintage furniture, but it will work just fine in most cases. Just be careful when you do it, so you can reassemble it when you finally move (take pictures of the process or use the guide). Also, measure it both assembled and disassembled. One thing is to get it into your new apartment. The other is to figure out that when you add all the parts, it suddenly doesn’t fit…

In The Bedroom And The Kitchen

Where you sleep and where you make your food are quite literary most essential places in your home, and therefore there are a lot of items there. The good thing is that in most cases you won’t be moving anything from the kitchen. However, if you do, measure the fridge (and maybe weight it). Also, disassemble the bed before moving it, and make sure to measure it diagonally so you can have more maneuverability when you get it to your new home.

In The Addict/Basement

Here we can find pianos, game tables and all kind of collections. Not much to say but to measure them and then wait for piano movers northern VA to get your instrument on its way.

Important Things To Measure In Your New Home

And now when you know what you are working it, there are some things to keep an eye (and measuring tape) out for.

  • Ceiling height is an important thing to measure (wardrobes and dressers)
  • Window sizes (as possible entry points)
  • Stairs and Elevators (no point in having appropriate apartment if you can’t get your stuff there)
  • Size of rooms itself (that will help you to know for sure if you have space for all your furniture, or to consider storage maybe or giving it away before the move and buy some more appropriate items.)
Important things to measure in your new home
Stairs, elevators, and hallways can present a nasty surprise if you forget to measure them too.

In Conclusion

All in all, be methodical. When you go into our new home for the first time, and it really clicks you can easily picture all of your stuff in your new apartment/house. However, be sure that you are not an inch short of your dreams here and there. Go step by step. We might forget to mention something, but you must not. Be methodical.

After it is all done and it all fits like a glove, you will feel both proud and finally at ease.

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