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How To Prepare For A Move During The Winter

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Moving during the summer months can be hot, full of traffic, and quite costly. But with frigid conditions and icy roads, is moving in the winter any better? With the right preparation, moving in the winter can be a breeze.

Plan The Route

Before moving in the winter, it’s important to plan and have contingency plans in case of delays. Chart out the route you will take and try to stick to the main roads as much as possible. In the case of snow, main highways are most likely to be cleared first. Have multiple routes and keep people updated on where you are headed. Depending on the route, it may also make sense to get winter tires in addition to any other required maintenance. When planning the journey, be mindful of the shorter days in winter. What could have taken one day in the summer may take two days in the winter. Always be sure to have both the destination and original residence cleared before moving day.

Weatherproofing Belongings

Things can get very wet in the winter, which is important to consider when packing. Waterproof as much of the move as possible. Get mattress bags, furniture covers, and put all small cords and electronics in sealable plastic bags. Plastic bins and vacuum seal bags are great ways to keep clothes protected from the winter elements.

Be sure not to pack away too much. The weather can change drastically during the move depending on the route. Bring layers of clothes for different climates. For the more extreme climates, be prepared with basic snow equipment like a small shovel, chains, and an ice-scraper.

Hire Professionals

For the most carefree winter moving experience, it’s best to hire movers. This is especially crucial in areas prone to severe winter weather. Professional movers are more experienced than the average person at navigating tricky weather conditions. As an added bonus, because fewer people move during the winter, it’s easier to book a quality moving company during the winter months.

Moving during the winter can be a challenge, but the experienced professionals at Carmack Moving & Storage in Northern Virginia can handle rain, snow, and sleet. Our operations managers are also available 24/7 to help address any concerns you may have about your winter move. Contact us today to learn more about our winter specials or request a quote.

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