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Saving Money On Packing Materials

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The relocation process takes a lot of time and money, and that is a fact! On average, an American person moves 12 times in their lives. Some people move because their job requires it. Others move because they are retiring, and they want to be close to their kids. However, some people move because they want to start a new life with their partner and they are merging two households into one! Whether you are making a long or short-distance move, you will have to prepare, organize, and sort out your budget in advance. However, to cut some of your moving expenses, saving money on packing materials is the first thing to think of! So, let’s see how to do it!

Saving Money On Packing Materials – Is It Possible?

Disassembling and relocating heavy pieces of furniture is definitely a job for a professional moving company. Hire furniture movers Sterling VA and reduce the moving stress. They will pack and relocate every bulky and heavy piece of furniture that gives you trouble. A lot of items in our house can be used as packing supplies. Therefore, saving money on packing materials will be a piece of cake! So, let’s see what do you need to know!

  • Rent Plastic Containers
  • Buy Plastic Containers
  • Find used and Free Cardboard Boxes
  • Use Garbage Bags
  • Use Clothes and linens
  • Other Useful Packing Materials
Four plastic boxes.
You can rent or buy plastic containers. Either way, you won’t make a mistake!

Rent Plastic Containers

If you are not planning to hire a professional moving company and use their professional residential packing services, you have to prepare and do everything on your own. Saving money on packing materials is not a problem, and you will have a lot of options. First of all, you can rent plastic containers! Some professionals are renting plastic containers for your move. That is a cheap option, but you will have to pack all of your belongings by yourself.

Buy Plastic Containers

If you are relocating a lot and you are planning to buy some moving boxes, think again! Buying plastic containers is a way better option! You can use plastic containers for every move. They are stronger than cardboard boxes, and they won’t get destroyed in contact with water. You can also ask some of your friends and neighbors to lend you some of their plastic containers. At the end of the move, store them in the garage, pull up the lid, and stack them inside one another (they won’t take a lot of space – perfect!).

Find Used And Free Cardboard Boxes

If you know where to look for, free cardboard boxes are straightforward to get! First of all, you should ask some of your friends and neighbors who recently went through the moving process. Other than that, you can ask for some moving boxes and packing materials in the stores and offices nearby. Every store gets groceries and items for sale in boxes, after unpacking they just get rid of those. So, hurry up! Ask some of the employees to save you some boxes, but be sure to do that at least a week before the move.

A few cardboard boxes
Ask for free cardboard boxes in the stores nearby.

Saving Money On Packing Materials – Use Garbage Bags!

Even though garbage bags can break easily, they are perfect for packing and relocating sheets, pillows, pillow casings, and blankets. Besides, it would be great if you can find clear garbage bags because you will be able to see what is inside and that will make your unpacking process easier! Your blankets, sheets, and pillows will be safe in garbage bags even if you decide to store them for a while in your residential storage unit!

Use Clothes And Linens

Did you know that packing peanuts and bubble wrap are not recyclable? Instead of wasting money on these packing materials, you can use linens, clothes, towels, shredded papers, and socks to protect and pack most of your fragile and sensitive items. Use towels and linens for tv and mirrors. Wrap each glass with newspapers and while packing put some shredded paper between them too.

If some of your boxes contain fragile items, you should put a sign “FRAGILE” on each side of them. A professional moving company provides a lot of residential moving services. One of those services is packing and relocating fragile and sensitive items such as art and antiques. Therefore, if you think that you won’t be able to take care of items like these, let the professional moving company handle it.

Use linens, blankets, or towels to protect your TV and mirror.

Other Useful Packing Materials

If you know someone who moved recently, you should ask them for any leftover packing boxes and materials. You can also get some new markers, packing tape and packing labels in the dollar store. However, if you have enough time, you can be creative and make your packing labels! Rest of the packing materials you have at home!

A Professional Mover

Whether you are making a long or short-distance move, hiring a professional mover to assist is the best option. Give a call to affordable movers Northern VA, and they will calculate the costs of your move in advance! A professional moving company has a license and well-trained and polite workers. They will pack your belongings safely, load everything into a moving truck, transport to your new destination, and carefully unpack everything!

However, if you want to save some money, you should hire a professional mover on one of the off-peak days. Off-peak days are usually during the winter season, mid-month and mid-week days! During these days you might get a discount on some of the moving services!

Save some money on packing materials! Use linens, blankets, towels, newspaper and shredded paper instead of bubble wrap and packing peanuts! Just pack everything carefully, and you will safely relocate all of your belongings. Have a nice trip!

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