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How To Prepare Children For A Long-Distance Move

Kids playing with cardboard boxes

Moving can be an exciting and challenging event all at the same time. There are plenty of responsibilities to take care of in the process, including making sure your family feels prepared for a long-distance change. Use these tips to help make the move go a little bit smoother for you and your children.

Get The Children Involved

Start by having a conversation with your children about what to expect in their new home, and the exciting new adventures they’ll have in their new town to help prepare them for the upcoming long-distance move. Don’t forget to mention a few of their favorite places to go and eat that will be still an option in the new location (they will be relieved to know that there is a McDonald’s in the mall, for example)! Showing them pictures and videos of the new house, especially their rooms, can help them feel a little more comfortable with the big change. Involve them in the moving process by asking for their assistance with getting their rooms and toys packed up. Once your family has arrived, giving them each their own set of responsibilities and tasks related to the move-in will help them feel needed, special, and get them settled a little bit faster.

Hire Professional Movers

Getting all of your belongings to the new location is a challenge for a move of any distance, but can be particularly tricky when it comes to moving across the state or country. Hiring professional residential movers for a long-distance move takes a huge load off your plate. Choose a company that has good reviews online, takes the time to answer all your questions, gives you the benefit of their experience with hints and tips, and is going to be the same company with you from start to finish. A moving company can ensure all the family’s belongings are properly and safely transported and reduce the amount of stress felt by the kids and parents alike.

Don’t Forget About Safety

A lot is going on during a move, so it’s important to keep kids safe during both the actual move-out and move-in process. Open doors, movers in and out, carrying boxes and heavy furniture, are the crunch time conditions that you want to make sure children (and toys) are not under-foot to ensure everyone’s safety!

Depending on the ages, and how many children are involved, some ideas from parents include:

  • Split the moving-supervision and the keep-the-children-occupied duties
  • Stay with a neighbor, so they can see what is going on without being in harm’s way
  • Arrange a play-date away from home shortly after the movers get there and return before they close up the truck. For some kids, it’s important for them to see this part of the process.
  • Hire a babysitter or use a daycare for the days when the movers will be working.
  • Arrange a sleep-over at a friend’s house or grandparents.

A successful move is first and foremost a safe-move, and due to our experience and qualifications as a leading moving company, Carmack Moving & Storage can offer cost-effective and smooth moving services for your family. If you’re in the process of planning a long-distance move across Virginia, or even across the country, request a quote to secure your movers and scratch this task off your to-do list.

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