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How To Keep Kids Occupied When Moving

Kids playing with cardboard boxes

The moving process is a stressful time for everybody. Quite hectic, too! You will have to do your best to accomplish everything without changing your daily routine. However, if you have kids, you will also have to take care of their safety and keep them occupied when moving day comes. During the moving day, there will be a lot of people packing and moving your furniture around. There may also be professional movers Fairfax VA present! To keep your children safe, you should keep them busy or away from the commotion. So, let’s see what should you do to keep kids occupied when moving day comes!

Tips On How To Keep Kids Occupied When Moving

As a parent, you know how much patience and understanding you have to give to your children. First of all, you will have to explain to your kids why you are moving and to convince them that they will have a lovely time and a great future at their new place. Convince them that they will meet a lot of new friends, that school is wonderful, but make sure also to promise to bring them back from time to time to visit their old friends and neighbors. That is the way to make them accept and adapt to the move easier.

Hiring a professional mover is highly recommended if you have a lot of bulky and heavy items to move. Hire furniture movers Sterling VA, and they will pack and relocate all your furniture and belongings safely and fast. But, let’s see now what can you do to keep kids occupied when moving!

  • Hire a Babysitter
  • Let the Kids Play in the Backyard
  • Moving Day Safe Room
  • Let Children Pack an Essentials Box
  • Take your Kids for a Walk
  • Let your Kids Unpack Their Belongings First
  • Play Hide and Seek in Your New Home

Hire A Babysitter

If you don’t have any friends or family close by to come and watch on your children, hiring a babysitter is one of the options. Hire a babysitter to keep your kids occupied and keep an eye on them because you will have a lot of things to do. You will have to pack, assist your movers, and clean at the same time. Therefore, taking care of kids will be another hard task to take care of. Hire a babysitter if you have a baby or toddler.

Let The Kids Play In The Backyard

If you have kids, you will want to move during the summer, when the weather is pleasant, and kids are not going to school. So, to keep your kids safe and occupied and at the same time away from the moving crew, you can send them to play in the backyard. If you have already packed their toys, you can suggest hide and seek or give them colored chalk to decorate driveways or sideways and have fun!

Moving Day Safe Room

You can also create a moving day safe room for your kids. You can let them play in one separate room and keep them occupied on a moving day. Since most of the electronics will be already packed, you can keep them busy with board games, coloring books, and other toys. You can also keep a family pet (dog/cat, etc.) with them in the room to keep them company. Don’t forget to provide enough snacks and drinks for the kids too. If your kids are older and know how to read, giving them some books will be a great idea!

Let Children Pack An Essentials Box

Another beneficial thing to keep kids occupied when moving is to let them pack their own essentials box! Let them pick a box and pack everything they need for the first night and the day after! This box should contain pajamas, a pair of two of clean change of clothes, some toys, their favorite blanket, pillow, doll or stuffed animal, etc. You should let them have their favorite toy with them all the time. That will help them to feel safe and comfortable during the move and after.

Take Your Kids For A Walk

Hiring a professional mover will reduce stress and save a lot of your time. Since a professional mover offers a lot of moving services Sterling VA, and they can take care of packing and relocating, there is no need for both parents to stay at home at the same time. One of the parents can take kids for a walk around their old neighborhood one last time. You can take pictures and even go for lunch if you have time. That will create good memories to talk about later on.

Professional Moving Company

Some professional moving companies provide bundles of activities for children of a certain age during the moving day. You should ask your mover in advance if they provide services like this. If they do, they will bring a pack for each of your children and take care that packs are age appropriate. Those packs usually include things such as decks of cards, coloring books, play dough, bubbles, stickers, etc.

Other than that, a professional moving company has a license and well-trained workers. Contact Carmack Moving and Storage, read the reviews, and you’ll figure out why they are the best for this job. As a professional moving company, they are also offering a lot of moving services.

These are the best ways to keep kids occupied when moving! Hire a babysitter if you have a toddler. Preschool and school kids can play hide and seek in the backyard or read a book in the “safe room.” You can also let them pack their personal essentials box! It’s not easy to go through the moving process. Especially if you have kids to take care of and keep an eye on all the time. When you arrive at your new destination, you should let your kids unpack their stuff first, and after that, you can play hide and seek in your new house! We wish you the best of luck and a good life!

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