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Hiring Hot Tub Movers – Why Is It Better Than DIY

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Just the thought of the relocation process makes us stressed out and upset. You will have to organize, make plans and checklists and sort out your budget at least a few weeks before the move. The packing process is definitely one of the longest and exhausting ones that you can undertake. Whether you have decided to pack and relocate everything by yourself or you are hiring a professional mover, there will be a lot of work to do! But, hiring hot tub movers, Northern Virginia movers, will reduce the moving stress significantly and save a lot of your time. Today, we will discuss why is hiring hot tub movers better than doing it all by yourself. Let’s start!

Should I Move My Hot Tub Or Hire Hot Tub Movers?

When the time for the move comes, you will naturally want to take all the things you possess with you. If the hot tub was already in the apartment when you moved in, you should definitely leave it because it’s not your own. However, if you decided to buy a hot tub and place it in the apartment you were renting or owning, it’s normal to take it with you now that you are moving to another location.

However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of moving the hot tub and you are thinking of leaving it behind, you should consider selling it! You won’t be able to get the full price but you will get at least something which will boost your moving budget. If you decide to move your hot tub, the best option is to hire a professional movers Arlington VA because they are experts and they will disconnect and relocate your hot tub fast and safely.

Hiring Hot Tub Movers – The Best Solution!

If you are planning to relocate your hot tub, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional mover to do this job instead of you. Every professional moving company has a license and years of experience. They also have well-trained workers who will relocate your hot tub fast and safely. And that’s not all! Every professional moving company has plenty of moving services Sterling VA that they are offering! A professional mover will calculate the costs of your move in advance without any surprises and extra costs at the end of the move. If you have any questions about the move, call your professional mover and their polite workers will help you as best as they can!

As we said, a professional mover has a lot of moving services. Some of those services are:

  • Nationwide Relocation
  • Residential Move
  • Commercial Move
  • Professional Residential
  • Residential and Commercial Storage Options
  • Moving Insurance
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Special Services (moving bulky and heavy items such as piano, home safe or hot tub, etc.)
Hot tub
Hire a professional moving company to disconnect, drain and relocate your hot tub. You will save a lot of time and reduce the stress level.

Can I Move A Hot Tub By Myself?

Even though it’s highly recommended to hire professional hot tub movers, you can, most likely, move it by yourself. However, this is a long and exhausting process that requires special tools and at least four people. You will have to do a series of tasks to prepare a hot tub for the relocation. But, that’s not all! You will also have to connect it again when you get to your new destination.

However, the good news is that most of the hot tubs come with an instruction manual how to drain and disconnect them, But, you should know that this process takes time and it truly is hard to do. Let’s see how can you prepare your hot tub for relocation in case you are doing it by yourself:

Hire Hot Tub Movers Or Disconnect It By Yourself?

As we already said, hiring hot tub movers is highly recommended. However, if you decided to do it by yourself, you should start with disconnecting. The first thing to do is to unplug it from all electric sockets and stop the water from coming into the tub. Do this before everything else! You might also want to close the valve in your home because some hot tubs are connected to it directly.

Drain Your Hot Tub

If you still have a manual, you should check the section on how to drain your hot tub properly. However, if you don’t possess the manual, and you still want to move your hot tub, the best solution is hiring hot tub movers. In order to avoid floods and damage to the hot tub and your home, you should drain the hot tub carefully. Again, there should be a few people doing this task so you should ask some of your friends or family members for help.

Hot tub - wooden exterior
Drain your hot tub carefully.

Clean Your Hot Tub

When you finish with disconnecting and draining your hot tub, you should clean it thoroughly! Get some of your cleaning supplies and a sponge and scrub your hot tub on the inside and outside. However, before you load it in the moving truck you should protect your hot tub with bubble wrap. If you wrap up your hot tub, you won’t have to clean it thoroughly again when you arrive at your new destination.

Take Special Care

A hot tub is one large and heavy object. If you are moving your hot tub, you should ask friends and family members for help. Do not carry a hot tub by yourself because carrying heavy items like this can cause a lot of injuries. The most common moving injuries are back injuries but you can also hurt your arms, legs or any other part of your body, So, be careful. You should also use gloves to protect your hands, wear comfortable shoes and clothes on a moving day!

Avoid moving injuries, protect yourself! Get gloves and comfortable clothes and shoes.

It’s pretty simple! Hiring hot tub movers is highly recommended in order to go through the moving process fast and without any problem. You will save a lot of time if you hire a professional moving company but you will also reduce the stress level significantly. It is up to you now! Hire a professional mover or do it by yourself? In any case, best of luck!

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