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Family-Friendly Neighborhoods In Sterling VA

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Are you considering long distance moving with a family? If you are looking for a nice place to raise a family you should check Virginia. Family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA are an excellent place to start fresh.

Town Of Sterling, VA

Sterling is a nice medium sized town in Virginia. It has approximately 30.000 citizens and it is highly ranked as one of the most expensive cities in Virginia and in America as well.  The unemployment rate is very low.

As for the safety of the town, it is like in every average city in America.

Washington DC
Sterling is a very nice suburb of Washington DC, an excellent place to raise a family.

If you have a job opportunity in Sterling than you need to consider residential moving to Virginia. It is great if you have a job waiting, especially if you are moving with a family. When you are long distance moving from some larger and expensive city, you won’t be so shocked by the cost of leaving in Sterling, VA. There are some excellent family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA.

Transportation And Commuting In Sterling

If you are still researching about the town because you are considering relocation, then check about public transport as well. Residents in Sterling mostly use their cars to commute. Because it is not a large town, the commute doesn’t take too much. Average time to get somewhere is about 20 minutes. People are using public buses as a transportation mean, as well. There are a lot of residents who are using public transport and because of that, the traffic isn’t so bad in Sterling.

Moving With A Family

When you have to move you are feeling a lot of stress. This is especially in case you are moving a long distance because it takes a lot of planning and hard work as well. However, if you are moving with a family, it is much harder for everybody. If you have a family with kids, you have to consider family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA so they will accept the relocation better.

Picket fence as a symbol for Family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling VA
Family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling VA

Make sure that you visit your future neighborhood before you decide to move. It can feel and look different in person than in pictures or online. This stands for your future home as well. You do not want to move first and then realize that you could make a different choice.  If you have an opportunity, you could take your whole family to see the town and the neighborhood.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods In Sterling, VA

There are many families where parents work in Washington and live in Sterling. This is mostly because there are family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA.  It is an excellent place to raise kids. If you need to commute to work, a drive will last about 45 minutes. That is not so bad if it gives you an opportunity to live in suburbs, so to speak. Some of the most popular family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA are Potomac Falls or the Cascades, and Sterling Park.

Sterling is a very diverse and friendly community.  Whatever neighborhood you choose to live in is good because the whole town is actually family friendly.

Here you can find good schools for your children. Education is little above average in America. There are great both public and private schools.

Besides that, it is a very nicely organized suburb of Washington. You are close to DC but at the same time, you are in the nice and quiet area. It is a safe place to live and to raise children.

If you do not have to travel to Dc, everything is easily reached within the town of Sterling.

Residents of family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA are quite satisfied with the community itself. They say that it is a diverse community but in times of need, they are very friendly and helpful.

Sterling, VA Weather

If you did your research, you probably realized what is the weather like in Virginia. Family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA are numerous.  Your kids will enjoy snowy months, especially if you are coming from California or somewhere similar.  You can expect warm summers and cold winters with rain.

The advantage of the town, especially if you are moving because of family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA, is air quality and very low pollution.

Things To Do In Sterling

If you are living an active lifestyle, you will enjoy life in Sterling.  Claude Moore Park is an area that offers something to everybody. There are activities for both children and adults. There is a recreation center where you will find an Olympic sized swimming pool. It is an indoor pool. Also, there is a pool for children that have water features. Besides these water activities, you have also different places for exercise and workout. If you like sports, then there is baseball, softball field, and hiking trails. As previously said, there is a little something for everybody.

Town also has a golf club and a golf center.

Yellow water slide
Children always enjoy family activities when there is a water park involved.

Because it is family-friendly, your kids will also enjoy there. Volcano Island Waterpark is an excellent attraction for family fun. There is no better way than this to help your children to cope with moving. It is not too big, but it is nice to spend time with your family and relax. Who would say that you are so close to hectic DC?

  • Heritage Farm Museum is another place that you can visit with your family.
  • Besides that, Sterling offers you also good restaurants and a brewery. It is a family-friendly town, but there are single residents here as well.
  • In nearby neighborhoods, you can find various activities. For example, Room escape games.

Anyway, you can be sure that you will have enough activities to choose from in Sterling.

If you are moving to Sterling from another city, make sure that you choose a local moving company. This is usually the best solution because of their experience.  Check to see what movers have good recommendations. This is especially important if you are moving with a family with kids. Family-friendly neighborhoods in Sterling, VA have reliable and experienced moving companies to choose from. There are options for a  storage unit as well. Check with the movers or even better, with somebody who lives there.

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