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When Moving, Sometimes Shorter Is Harder

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Moving down the street can be more difficult than moving across the country. Professional movers like Carmack Moving and Storage know the ins and outs of a short move.

We know that a short move can pose more obstacles and frustrations than a long one. The short distance can make you imagine there is less effort involved, causing a lapse in planning. If the destination of the move is nearby, it may not feel necessary to pack thoroughly. Beware of such a mindset.

As seasoned movers, we can help you avoid these pitfalls, but there are things you can do, too. A few days before the move, pack a bag or two as if you are leaving for a vacation, or heading off to visit out-of-town family for the weekend. Remember to set aside items for each night you are in transition, like clothes, a towel, prescription drugs, a toothbrush and other personal items.

Four weeks before the move, begin throwing away and selling unwanted items. You do not want to be entertaining buyers later in the month while you are trying to pack and organize your paperwork so as to be able to find it after the move.

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