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What To Expect When Moving To Loudoun County Virginia

Welcome to Loudoun County, Virginia! If you’re new to the National Capital Region, you’re going to love living here. We believe our county, which lies about an hour’s drive northwest of Washington, DC, offers the best of everything.

We’re not cliché saying this, either. Our county is bordered on one side by Washington and several of its inner suburbs. Yet the rural parts of Western Virginia and West Virginia lie to our west and northwest. Maryland is due north.

And if you’ve bought a new home in Loudoun County (or planning to), let us know. Our Virginia moving company can transport all your belongings—you can trust us to take excellent care of them!

A Few Things About Moving

We’ll begin our introduction to Loudoun County by giving some pointers on your move. We’d like to share a few things you might not have known moving services like ours offer.

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Practical Aspects Of Life In Loudoun County

Although Loudoun County has been growing by leaps and bounds for more than half a century, few parts seem congested.

If you already live in the area, you know this already—and appreciate it. If you’re moving from another part of the country, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

While Loudoun County is approaching a population of half a million people, the population density is only 747/sq. mi. Neighboring Fairfax County sustains 2,925/sq. mi. Furthermore, the most populated municipality in Loudoun County is the City of Leesburg, at only 57,000.


Compared to the “inside the Beltway” area, Loudoun county traffic is sustainable. No Interstate highways cross its borders, and the only major transportation hub is Dulles Airport, adjacent to Herndon (in Fairfax County).

If you plan to commute to Washington regularly, you will find parking there both expensive and hard to find. Instead, consider driving or taking a commuter bus to nearby Metrorail stations: either Wiehle-Reston East or West Falls Church.

Real Estate

If your relocation to Loudoun County hasn’t taken place yet, you should know that real estate here is a bargain compared to other parts of the Metro Washington, DC region.

Two-bedroom condos can be had for under $250,000, and many three or four-bedroom houses or townhomes are well under $400,000. Plus, nearly all of these residences are absolutely gorgeous!


If you have school-age children, you should know that Loudoun County Public Schools serves more than 83,000 students in 94 facilities. There are 16 high schools, 16 middle schools, one intermediate school, 59 elementary schools.

For those seeking post-secondary education here, the county hosts branches of several of the area’s best colleges and universities—including Virginia Tech, George Washington University, and Northern Virginia Community College.

Careers And The Regional Economy

In the early 20th Century, Loudoun County was best known for its farmland and agriculture-focused economy. In later decades, government employees and other urban workers began to see us as a place to escape the crowded city at the end of the day.

Loudoun county still boasts a lot of agriculture production compared to nearby counties—especially its vineyards and flourishing wine industry.

Today, though, Loudoun County is also home to technology companies, including Verizon Business and Telos Corporation. United Airlines is also a significant employer here, as is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

What To See And Do In Loudoun County

Once your move is complete, and you’ve settled into your new home, you might want to look around a bit. Perhaps take a day trip around the county. Bring the kids too, since Loudoun County has fun activities for the whole family.

Shopping And Dining

Our unique shops range from high-quality athletic and recreational gear to lovely crafts and antiques. And should you want a bite to eat, we urge you to try one or two of our exquisite restaurants—from Indian to gourmet burgers to haute cuisine.

Outdoor Recreation

We have acres of parkland and miles of nature trails throughout Loudoun County. Whether you’re interested in biking, horseback riding, golf, or simply taking in our gorgeous scenery, our recreational opportunities are sure to leave you feeling renewed.

Culture And The Arts

Independent artists and artisans abound in Loudoun County. Why not spend a day enjoying our Artisan Trail? Or going on a walking tour of historic downtown Leesburg?

If you don’t feel comfortable where contagion might be a risk, why not attend some of our events virtually? That way, you’ll be even more excited to interact with our county’s talent live when the time is right.

History And Landmarks

Our many historical sites and trails will immerse you, live or virtually, in our country’s Civil War, particularly the battlefields, lodgings, and museums.

These sobering reminders make Loudoun County an ideal place for visitors and residents to reflect on the sorrowful legacy of our Antebellum past and the ongoing struggle to rectify society’s racial injustices.

Hoping To See You Here Soon!

Will your move to Loudoun County be anytime soon? Are you looking for movers you can trust with your belongings? We treat your home and possessions as if they were our own!

Carmack Moving & Storage covers not just Loudoun county but also Washington, DC; Maryland; and Northern Virginia. If a new job, retirement, etc. calls for relocation to, from, or within this area, consider our residential moving services.

We’re the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia moving company you can count on. Call us today and learn more about our moving and relocation services!

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