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Top Cities In Fairfax County For Families

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Hello friends! Are you looking for a perfect place to start a family and move to? If you considered moving to Virginia, you are on the right path! You should pick one of the top cities in Fairfax County for families! However, you will definitely need professional movers to help if you are making a long-distance move. Hire the best movers Fairfax VA and worry no more! A professional mover will pack, carry, and relocate all your belongings quickly and efficiently! As you can see, today we will talk about top cities in Fairfax County for families! Well, let’s get started!

Top Cities In Fairfax County VA – Your Family Deserves The Best!

Lincolns Cottage. Washington D.C.
Don’t forget to visit Lincolns Cottage in Washington D.C.

On average, an American person moves 11 times in their lives. Naturally, every person wants the best for their family and their future. If you are the one who’s thinking that moving to Fairfax County VA can be a good call, you are definitely right! However, before you hire any professional mover, check on moving quotes Northern Virginia thoroughly and plan for your move in advance. Let’s see now what are top cities in Fairfax County for families to settle down!

  • Centerville
  • Oakton
  • McLean
  • Vienna
  • Reston

Centerville Is One Of The Top Cities In Fairfax County

One of the best places to live that is placed in Fairfax County is definitely Centerville! This place has a population of  74,627, and it’s a suburb of Washington D.C. The life in Centerville is urban. Residents enjoy their environment, a lot of restaurants, coffee bars and parks, and most of them own houses in this lovely neighborhood. The schools here are highly rated, which means that you won’t have to worry about your children education. Most residents here are liberal.


Oakton is also another place in Fairfax County placed highly on the ranking list as one of the best one to move to with a family! It is also suburbian Washington neighborhood, and it has 37,166 residents. Most of the residents own their homes, and also, they tend to have modern political views. Public schools in Oakton are very highly rated. If you move here, you will enjoy a lot of beautiful restaurants, coffee bars, and parks and your lovely neighbor’s company too! Median home value is around 605,000 dollars, and the median monthly rent will cost approximately 1,900 dollars.


McLean is Washington D.C suburb located in the Fairfax County. This city has 47,305 residents and very highly rated public schools. Median home value is a little higher, and it cost around one million dollars. If you decide to rent a place here, you will need around 3.000 dollars. Most of the residents own their houses, and the average income per year is around 194 thousand dollars. Residents also enjoy their lovely parks, restaurant, coffee bars, and peaceful neighborhood with almost no crimes at all. However, if you want to know more about Virginia and neighborhoods there, you should check on the best ways to explore Virginia and gather info!

Houses in line.
Almost every Washington D.C neighborhood has lovely houses and highly educated residents.


Vienna is also one of the most popular Washington D.C suburban places for people with kids! Even though Vienna has only 16,474 residents, it still is one of the best places to live in Fairfax County. Almost 82% of the residents here own houses here! However, there is also 18% percent of residents who are paying nearly 2.000 dollars to live in this lovely neighborhood! If you are planning to buy a house in Vienna, you will need around 700 thousand dollarsMedian household income per year is also high, and it’s about 150,000 dollars. The best school in Vienna is James Madison High School!

One Of The Top Cities In Fairfax County – Reston

Reston stands firm on the 23rd place (out of 164) as one of the best local places to live in Virginia! It also holds a 22nd place (out of 164) as one of the best local places for young professionals in Virginia. Reston is a town in Fairfax County with 60,352 residents, and it is also one of the best places to live in Virginia. Residents here enjoy their lovely neighborhood, parks, restaurants, and coffee bars!

If you decide to move to Reston, you will also be surprised by how well public schools they have! You won’t have to worry about your kid’s education at all! The most popular schools in Reston are South Lakes High School, Hughes Middle School, Aldrin Elementary School, Lake Anne Elementary School and many more.

Washington D.C. Neighborhood. Houses.
Almost every public school in Fairfax County has an exceptional rating.

Working in Reston will bring you a median yearly household income around 114 thousand dollars. However, if you are planning to buy a house here, you will need around half a million dollars. But, some people are renting a home in Reston. They are paying 1.800 dollars per month.

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These were the top cities in Fairfax County for families. You should also check on other cities because there are plenty of them in the state of Virginia. However, if you are well educated and searching for a good job, this is a place for you. Therefore, pack your things and move to lovely Virginia! Start your new, wonderful life! All the best!

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