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Tips For Packing Glassware And Mirrors

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It does not matter if you are superstitious or you just don’t want to break your glass and mirrors, these items should be handled carefully.  Usually, we have a sentimental attachment to the mirrors or our favorite glasses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When we purchase something or receive it as a gift, we do not want to see it shattered in pieces, in this case, literally. That is why we will help you to make packing glassware and mirrors seem like a piece of cake. However, if you are not sure if you can pack it, feel free to contact professional movers Arlington VA. They will be glad to assist you with their expertise.

Prepare Everything Before You Start

When we are moving to a new home, we usually do not have the clearest idea of how many things we actually own. The truth is, we typically have much more than previously believed. That is why it is essential to make a list of glassware and mirrors. That will help you have a clear insight into how much material you will need. Go through your belongings and find out how many mirrors you have and how much glassware. Remember that packing glass is one of the most common moving injuries. So, head straight to the improvement store to obtain the right packing material for packing glassware and mirrors.

dishes and glasses in a cupboard
Packing glassware and mirrors is a delicate process that requires a lot of attention

Material For Packing Glassware And Mirrors

We will gladly provide you with the list of packing material that you will need. Nevertheless, bear in mind that here quality is of great importance. All the material that you obtain should be strong enough to withhold the relocation of glassware and mirrors. Opt for the best quality packing material, and you will not regret it. Consider this an investment into a stress-free move. You should have the following when packing glassware and mirrors:

  • a duct tape (a masking tape)
  • cardboard mirror box – there are plenty of tips on how to pick the right size of moving boxes
  • cardboard sheet
  • bubble wrap
  • moving blankets – Here you can simply use towels or linen instead of buying them for one time usage
  • corner protectors
  • a permanent marker

Now You Are Ready To Start Packing

Now that you have gathered all the mirrors and glassware and obtained the packing material, you are prepared to begin. We recommend that you set time aside for this and not hurry. It is imperative not to be disturbed, just focus on packing glassware and mirrors.

a mirror and a vase
To pack your items accurately, we have prepared all the necessary steps for you

Step 1 – Use The Duct Tape And Corner Protectors For The Mirrors

For packing mirrors, you will be using the duct tape. There is a simple trick used by all professional packers, and it is done with this tape. Place the tape on the mirror in the shape of a letter X. That will keep the glass from shuttering and give it extra protection it needs. Later on, when you want to unpack the mirror, get the tape off of the mirror glass.  Next, place the corner protectors on the corners of the mirrors. That is a great way to protect the edges of the mirror.

Step 2 – Use The Cardboard Sheet And Bubble Wrap

Over the mirrors place the cardboard sheet and cut it so that it fits the dimensions of the mirror. Then place the bubble wrap above it. For glassware, you can do the same thing, wrap it entirely in either bubble wrap or cardboard sheet. 

Step 3- Use The Moving Blankets

It is a great idea to place the moving blankets, or a towel on the table and then place mirrors or glass on them. Then just proceed with wrapping them up. It will not take you much time, and it will give you an extra layer of protection.

Step 4 – Put Them In The Box

If you have not wrapped your items in the moving blankets, you can use old paper that you will crumble. That makes for a great padded surface, securing your glassware from breaking. Then carefully put the items in it. There is only one thing left for you to do now.

a box that is labeled fragile
To protect your boxes and their content don`t forget to label them properly

Step 5 – Label The Boxes

You do not want to let all of your efforts go to waste simply because you did not label your boxes. If you need to store your mirrors and glasswork, this is an additional reason why you should do it. Although storages are great, like storage Sterling VA is, everybody should know that you are packing fragile items. So, after the careful packing, set aside ten more minutes and start labeling. You will need a permanent marker for this. Write FRAGILE on every side of the boxes,  so that no one can miss it. And this is it – you are done now, congratulations.

Remember That You Can Always Hire Professionals

If you do not, however, want to risk breaking your grandmother’s glassware or your favorite mirror, call the professionals for help. The people from the moving companies have had a lot of training on packing glassware and mirrors. Your items would also be insured, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about in this case. The most important thing here is not to get injured, and the rest will be just fine.

While packing glassware and mirrors may sound like a daunting business, it can be done successfully. Just be careful, take it one step at the time. If it is not working, hire the professionals and do not worry about it.

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