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Tips For Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

7 Helpful Packing Techniques For Moving

A relocation process takes a lot of time and gives us stress and headaches. To go through the moving process without troubles and problems, you should sort out your budget, organize, and start making a checklist as soon as possible. If you are planning to finish everything on time and relocate all of your belongings to your other destination safely, you should consider hiring a professional mover. However, today, we will talk about labeling your moving boxes for the move!

Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro – The Seven Key Tips

Why is labeling your moving boxes important? Proper labeling your moving boxes will help you significantly when the time for unpacking comes! Properly labeled moving boxes will also help your mover. They will know where each box belongs to and what that box contains (in case box contains fragile items it will be marked as “FRAGILE”). So, these are the things you should take care of to make your unpacking process easier:

  • Hire a Professional Mover
  • Get Color Markers
  • Get Packing Labels
  • Pack By Room
  • Label By Color
  • Label By Number
  • Other Labeling Tips

Hire A Professional Mover

Hiring a professional mover has its’ own benefits when it comes to the moving process. A professional moving company has a license and well-trained workers. They also have years of experience in the moving industry. Every expert mover has plenty of moving services and storage Virginia solutions! Moving services that you can count on are:

  • Packing and Proper Labeling
  • Truck Services (choosing the proper size of a moving truck, loading, and unloading)
  • Security and Moving Insurance
  • Unpacking and Recycling
  • Storage Solutions / Shipping containers
  • Special Sevices (such as moving bulky items. A professional mover will give you the list of specialized services that they are providing)

A professional moving company will provide packing materials and moving boxes. However, if you need to get packing materials by yourself, you should find free cardboard moving boxes and save some money!

Male in suit at the table. Meeting.
A professional mover will provide packing materials and moving boxes!

Get Color Markers

Yes, almost all of us have some color markers at home! But, what if those old markers stop working in the middle of packing and labeling? You didn’t think of that, right? Well, it’s better to spend a few extra dollars and get proper, good brand color markers just to be sure that you won’t have problems while you are labeling your boxes. You should also buy at least five different colors.

Getting waterproof markers is also good if you are moving on a rainy day to prevent the label from washing away. And speaking of water, if your kitchen is the place you want to start with, check on how to prepare appliances for relocation, before you start labeling.

Get Packing Labels

You will need labels too! There are a lot of ways to get some packing labels. You can order them from a professional mover. Downloading from the internet and printing them out is your second option. However, if you have plenty of time, you can also be creative and make your own packing labels!

Pack By Room

You should pack wisely if you want your labeling system to make sense. So, the wise move is to organize your boxes by room! Specify the boxes and place them into the kitchen, living room or bedroom, then start packing! Don’t move any of those boxes before you label them to make sure that you won’t waste time by opening them and checking what’s inside later on!

Male carrying moving boxes.
Organize your boxes by room!

Labeling Your Moving Boxes – Label By C0lor

Before you start packing, you should know what kind of labeling system do you want to use! First and the easier one is labeling by the color system. If you didn’t, now it’s the time to head to the store that sells moving supplies. Buy a set of colorful markers, tape, and labels! Each room in your house should get a specific color. That is a straightforward way to label your items. For example, boxes with items from your kitchen can be marked with red color. Items packed in the bathroom boxes should be marked with blue color. Items packed in the living room boxes should be marked with green color etc. And if you want to know how to save space when packing your clothes, we got you covered on that front, as well!

Labeling Your Moving Boxes By Number

If you think it’s easier to use the number labeling system because it will be less to write, you are wrong! If you choose a number labeling system, you will also have to make a long list of boxes and items inside. So, if you put a number 1 on the box, you will have to write on your list “number 1 contains – sheets, pillow casings, blankets”. You will have to do this with all of your boxes. Don’t forget to mark the box with the number on each side, so you will know which number that box is if all the boxes are stacked together.

Color labels and scissors.
You can choose between color-coded labeling system and number coded labeling system.

Other Labeling Tips

After packing valuable and sensitive items, you should mark the box “FRAGILE” on each side. That will let your movers know that they should be careful with boxes like these. There are also boxes with items that should stay in an upright position, such as TV. After packing your tv inside of a moving box, mark the side with “this end up.” If you want to be sure completely, you can always make or buy some arrow stickers and place them on the moving box to designate the right direction. Your essentials moving box should be with you all the time! Check here what to pack in your essentials moving box!

However, you should also secure labels on moving boxes. One way is to use transparent tape over them to secure them, and the other one is to use glue. Using tape is way faster and effective, using glue requires more time. You can, of course, pick the way you like the most!

These were some useful tips for labeling your moving boxes like a pro! Get color markers, labels, and tape! Each box should be packed, closed and labeled immediately! Don’t wait long after packing because you might forget what that box contains! Good luck with packing!

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