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Summer Moving Tips


Moving on a bright, sunny day, with no rain, wind, or even clouds does sound perfect. Kids are out of school, you have the weekend off your work, and you are ready to start a new life adventure. However, for the summer moving to go smoothly, there are some things you should take into consideration. We have prepared excellent tips that you should focus on while moving and avoid any mistakes.

Summer Moving Is In The Peak Season

Starting the moving preparation on time is essential for summer moving. It is peak season, and pretty much everybody wants to move in the summer. So, if you are moving out of state, it is best to hire interstate movers Virginia six or eight weeks before the actual move. In this way, you are giving yourself a proper amount of time to choose the right mover at the right prices. In the peak season, movers will not have lower prices as the demand is really high during these months.

two trucks on a highway with several cars and trucks behind them
Choose the right time for summer moving and compare moving companies to make your move stress-free.

Compare Moving Companies

Compare the prices before you hire any moving agency. We are not talking about comparing two moving companies. It is more like five or six. You will have a much greater insight into what you can expect from your movers in the summer. Not to mention the price range, it can really differ, despite the peak season. If you choose a costly moving service, then the summer is going to become even hotter for you. Luckily, there will always be companies that are more affordable than others. That is why you should make sure that you choose the right residential moving services for you.

Choose The Right Time For Moving

Although summer moving has many advantages, you certainly do not want to have a sunstroke when the temperatures are at its peak. It is best to agree with your movers that they arrive early in the morning so that you can avoid most of the heat. Furthermore, when choosing the date, you should focus on the least busy days, because being stuck in traffic when it is hot is no joke either. The weekdays are usually perfect for this because not a lot of people can manage to take the day off of work. That will also reduce the cost of moving, so it is a win-win situation. Choosing the best time to move is one of the prerequisites of a successful summer move.

Keep The House Cool Before The Movers Arrive

In the morning, before your movers arrive, turn on the air-conditioner. Keep the house fresh as you do not want anybody to be over sweating. Packing and carrying all the boxes to the vehicle is more than a regular workout, and it should not be too hot in the room. Even if you did not hire movers, and you are doing the summer moving by yourself, it is a good idea for the house to be a place where the heat is bearable.

Stay Hydrated

The key to staying hydrated is drinking water every half an hour. In the summer, we are much more prone to dehydration due to sweating. That is why you should be extra careful not to let your body be thirsty. When you are thirsty, you are probably already dehydrated. Prepare water for your movers as well, and offer it regularly. If your fridge is still on, then keep the several bottles of water in it. In this way, you will always have cold, fresh water that everybody can use regularly and you will stay hydrated.

Furthermore, it is important to have enough supply of water throughout the day. If you are going by car to your new place, bring several bottles of water and always keep it near you. And most importantly, remember to drink it every half an hour, as before you know it, you will feel tired and drained.

Summer moving tips 1 summer moving
Remember to drink a lot of water during the moving day and avoid being dehydrated.

Wear The Right Clothing

Choosing the proper attire is one of the things that can make summer moving a lot easier for you. In the summer, you should avoid dark colors as they attract the sun even more. That is why it is important to choose fair colors from head to toe. Wearing white, yellow, or bright green is perfect, as you will not attract the sun rays. Do not worry about your clothes getting dirty, and it is only normal for that to happen. You should also have extra clothes that you can change, which should also be light. Most importantly, do not forget to wear a cap or a hat, as these can really save you from a headache.

Although it may seem like a burden to you, or you may be thinking it is only a day, nothing will happen to you. It is better to be safe than sorry. Avoiding sunstroke should be your primary concern when moving. Imagine being under stress about moving and feeling physically harmful because of the fact you did not wear the right clothing. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when moving, but there are also plenty of things you can do to avoid this.

clothes hanging on a clothes hanger in a shop
Choose light clothes of fair colors and wear a cap or a hat during the move.

Pack The Essentials Moving Box

The essentials moving box is a box that you will use a lot during the move and once you settle in your new house. What to pack in the essentials moving box is a question that has many answers. Next, to your documents and phone chargers, you should pack the following as well:

  • several bottles of water
  • painkillers
  • vitamins
  • spare clothes
  • food that is not prone to going bad in the heat

Summer moving has many advantages, and you should use it. However, be extra careful and follow our tips for the move to go smoothly for you and your family. With just a few steps for prevention of sunstroke, stress, and injuries, your move will be a lot safer and stress-free.

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