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Questions To Ask A Moving Company

Questions To Ask A Moving Company

If you want your next move, whether a house, townhouse, or apartment – across town or a different state, to be as stress-free as possible, then hiring the right moving company is an absolute essential. With the right moving company, you can be sure that your belongings are in good hands and that they will make it from your existing home to your new home in one piece.

Of course, before you can enjoy the benefits of a great moving company, you have to find a great moving company. To do this, you’re going to have to ask every company you are considering a few key questions…

Question 1: “How Long Have You Been In Business?”

Ideally, you’re looking for a moving company with an established reputation in their field. This may seem a tad unfair to promising new companies but, ultimately, your goods being protected is more important. A business with a strong history means you can rely on their experience at producing hassle-free moves for customers in the past. This improves the chances of them being able to do so again.

Question 2: “Are You Insured, Bonded, And Licensed?”

This should swiftly be followed by: “and can I see evidence, if so?”

There’s no harm in being circumspect when choosing a company. Any decent moving company will be fully insured, bonded, licensed, and willing to show you evidence of this. If a company can’t meet those criteria, then you have cause for concern.

Question 3: “How Frequently Do You Break Items?”

Here’s the thing: you don’t want the answer to this question to be “never”. Why? Because “never” is impossible. Moving companies handle a lot of goods and, even if they are the most careful company on the planet, there will be breakages. The answer to this question isn’t particularly important in and of itself. What you’re looking for is to ensure they don’t reply something along the lines of, “we never break things!”— because that can’t be true. Think of this question as a helpful honesty test. What you’re ideally looking for is an admittance that breakages do happen. If a company is willing to be honest with you about this, then they’re likely being honest with you about everything else as well.

Question 4: “Can I Speak To Your Former Customers Or Read Testimonials?”

Established companies such as Carmack Moving & Storage will have a raft of happy customers. Some of them will have been happy to provide testimonials. You’ll want to see these before you commit. These testimonials shouldn’t be a decisive factor in your decision, but do take them into account.

Knowing What To Ask A Moving Company Can Help You Find The Best Option

If you want to find a company that can answer the above questions with aplomb, then look no further than Carmack Moving & Storage. Their years of experience in the moving and storage industry ensures that your goods will always be well cared for. You can expect a level of service that allows for the simplest and most effective moving process possible. If you’re looking for long or short term storage, long distance, or local moves provided by the best of the best, then look no further than Carmack Moving & Storage.

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