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Pros And Cons Of Moving To Georgetown

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What makes a person move out and look for another place to live? Certainly, the reasons differ from person to person. However, some of the most common reasons are looking for a better job opportunity, lower living expenses, better education, changing lifestyle. In recent years we have seen that moving to Georgetown has become very usual occurrence mostly among those living in the area of Northern Virginia because it is relatively close to all towns there. This neighborhood can definitely offer you a lot, so contact Georgetown Movers Washington DC to help you out move here much faster and we’ll present you some pros and cons of moving to Georgetown to help you decide.

A Word Or Two About Georgetown?

Georgetown is one of the urban areas in Washington DC located along Potomac River. It is an important commercial as well as the entertainment district. Its history is long, dating all the way back in 1751 and it remained a separate municipality until the year 1871. People in Georgetown can still admire the beauty of the Old Stone House. This house is the oldest house preserved in its original state. Besides this, Georgetown is an important diplomatic district with many embassies being located here.

Shopping Scene Is Exciting In Georgetown

shop in Georgetown
Explore the shops

Although everyone’s first association with Georgetown is its long and rich history, you should also know that shopping is an integral part of Georgetown’s residents. Regardless of the street, you will find a large number of shops with famous brands. Yours is just to pick those you like the most and enjoy shopping. Some of the shops you should not miss out are:

  • Billy Reid which serves vintage-rocker look
  • Hu’s Wear & Hu’s Shoes
  • Calypso St. Barth, a paradise for those who appreciate boho style.
  • rag & bone is for those looking for modern yet leisure look

Now, all you have to do is pick some of these, or any other shop found in the area and buy yourself something nice. It’s important to find your distinctive style. And when you’re packing your clothes, don’t bother packing everything you own. This is a perfect opportunity to renew your wardrobe.

Great Chance For Education

If you are moving to Georgetown with your family, but you’re worried whether your children will receive a quality education, let us resolve doubts. Starting from a great number of private and public schools, both elementary and middle school all the way to higher education at Georgetown University, you’re completely covered.

Museums Are Everywhere

One of the greatest things about moving to Georgetown is the fact that it is also a culturally rich area. It also has 16 museums and many art galleries. One of them is the National Gallery of Art where you can enter for free. But you can expect the finest collection of European and American art. Another very interesting gallery is Spagnuolo Art Gallery in which artwork made by Georgetown students and non-students are exhibited. Here you can see so many different exhibits you will definitely enjoy.

Up For Entertainment?

If you want to make a break from visiting galleries and museums, or you simply want to relax after work or during weekends, you can choose among numerous Broadway shows in Kennedy Center. If you appreciate quality music, National Symphony Orchestra also performs in Kennedy Center, as well as the Washington National Opera. Ballet fans will have the opportunity to attend great shows.

No matter what state you are moving from to Georgetown, we are sure that the rich offer of Georgetown will satisfy everyone’s taste. But if you need some help to organize relocation, we are also certain that interstate movers Virginia will provide you with all the help and assistance you need.

There Are Some Downsides Of Living In Georgetown

Although Georgetown is generally a great place to live, there are some things to be aware of. It might spoil your first impression. But, it all depends on how you deal with these issues.

Hord Of Tourists

One of the things you would have to get used to if you decide to move to Georgetown will be a constant flow of tourists. They are literally all around the town, during the most time of a year. And this is something not many locals are fond of. And although the whole city collects a lot of revenue from them, it doesn’t change the fact that due to so many tourists the roads and streets are constantly crowded. It simply slows down the everyday rhythm of the locals.

Parking Nightmare

Have you ever thought about how driving in a city with a lack of parking spaces looks like? Well, after moving to Georgetown, you will soon realize. Finding a free parking spot is sometimes a mission impossible. It usually costs them a lot of time. That’s why public transportation is possibly a much better option.

Traffic Is Terrible

Parking is not the only issue people of Georgetown have. During peak hours, traffic becomes so dense that most vehicles are doomed to wait and move little by little until the traffic unfreezes and roads become free again.

traffic in Georgetown
Sometimes traffic is causing a lot of trouble

Costs Of Living Are Not So Small

This is the case with the whole area of DC. Costs of living and renting an apartment or a house can be pretty high. Although careful budget planning can be of help, you still need to be prepared to pay more than you’re maybe used to. Often, people move to smaller apartments just to be closer to the city center or office. But this means that they will have less space for storing their things. If that’s your problem as well, perhaps you can consider renting a storage unit where you can put everything you’re not using too often, but that you still don’t want to throw away.

And so, we hope that these pieces of information will give you a better insight into what life looks like in this Washington DC’s elite enclave. Moving to Georgetown has definitely its advantages. But are its disadvantages enough to dissuade you from settling down here?

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