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One Day Moves Are A Killer

Moving soon? Moving Nearby? Let us offer up a piece of free advice to make everyone’s life easier: Plan your move.

The phrase “moving day” is a misnomer. Moving takes weeks leading up to the actual day when you must vacate your premises. Experienced movers like Carmack Moving and Storage will attest that “moving month” is more like it.

Short Or Long, A Move Is A Move.

Carmack Moving and Storage prefers to make sure you’ve packed everything entirely before the move. Then you can unpack it when you get there. No matter the distance of your move, box everything that you can possibly box.

A few days before your move, pack a bag of articles you will need on hand for the next week. Within three days of your move, you should be living exclusively out of this suitcase, not out of your dressers, closets, office, or bedroom. Think about the things you’ll need the first night in your new home. Pack items that serve your basic needs in a separate bag and carry it with you.

Seldom-used items should be packed as much as two weeks in advance. Pack all of your out-of-season clothing early. Toss a couple of books and DVDs into the suitcase you will be packing to live out of. Then box up the rest of your media early – all of it.

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