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Northern Virginia Movers Reveal: How To Move Stress-Free In & Out Of The Area

Stress-Free Moving In Northern Virginia (How To)

For so many of us, we move because of work, school, after the sale of a house, or simply to get closer to friends and family. Moving is a big part of our life but whether you are relocating down the street or across the country. As northern Virginia movers, we can say you’ll have so many tasks that can easily add to the stresses of an already busy life. 

Even though moving to a new home, location or environment is fun, many people often dread the moving process itself. You have to worry about the heavy lifting, dealing with breakables, counting on unreliable movers, fear of forgetting items, and finally moving in only to realize how many boxes are left waiting for you to unpack!

Surprisingly, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little preparation and a few techniques, you can easily make your move without the common stresses. At Carmack Moving and Storage, we have handled numerous moves and helped hundreds of northern Virginia families take control of an otherwise overwhelming experience.

Are you stressed about your upcoming move? As a premier northern Virginia moving company, we are here to help! We have prepared some tips on how you can move stress-free. Even if these tips won’t alleviate all the stress and worry, we hope they can get you better prepared to have a seamless and relaxing move.

1). Keep Essentials And Valuables Close To You

Pack your essentials, valuable items, and any delicate pieces in well-protected storage containers and suitcases and place them in your car. This will reduce the risk of having them bundled up with other packed boxes and eliminate the stress of searching for them when you get to the new house. We personally recommend packing a suitcase with a change of clothes, towel/washcloth, and personal items you can quickly find amidst a move to take a shower.

2). Make A Packing Plan And Start Early

Color-code your boxes, mark the boxes according to their rooms, and keeping a list for each box will help locate items later. Start packing early enough so you can have ample time to organize everything. You can pack a room at a time without rush so you can avoid fatigue. Being relaxed and in control will enable good judgments on moving day.

3). Consider Treating Yourself A few Days Before the Move

Life can be stressful, and moving is no exception. Try to keep your regular exercise routine to keep your body and mind refreshed, say goodbye, have a party, treat yourself to dinner, and psychologically prepare yourself for the move. This will calm your body and keep your mind more relaxed on the moving day.

4). Declutter in Advance

Nothing is more stressful than moving with clutter from one house to the next. We highly recommend taking this opportunity to declutter and free yourself from the things you’ve been meaning to get rid of! Ensure that you sort through your belongings several days before the moving day and sell, toss or donate any unwanted items.

5). Use A Less Popular Day for Moving

Traffic and moving do not complement each other well. Do not mix the two as it can be hectic and is likely to cause a lot more anxiety and accidents than intended. Try to minimize the stress by moving during less busy days such as Sunday or Wednesday when traffic is significantly lower.

6). Eat Well and Rest Well Before You Move

Make sure you get enough sleep before the moving day and get plenty of water and snacks for your family and pets. There is nothing worse than feeling grumpy and sleep-deprived on move day.

7). Get Professional Help

Plan your move as early as possible and hire a professional northern Virginia moving company such as Carmack Moving & Storage. Besides helping with the heavy lifting, professional movers can also help pack your things and safely wrap up and transport valuables and delicate items such as breakables, heirlooms, and art. That’s a lot of weight taken from your shoulders, hence relieving you the stress and anxiety of doing it all yourself.

Want A Moving Experience That’s Hassle-Free?

If you are feeling overwhelmed about your upcoming move, Carmack Moving & Storage can help make it lighter and less stressful. We are licensed northern Virginia movers with a team of highly trained experts that can help with heavy lifting. For the best moving experience, call us today at 703-378-1616 to get a free quote.

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