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Moving Yourself Mistakes

Many people try to move without help. At least, without professional help. The knowledge of professional movers like Carmack Moving and Storage can be an indispensable asset long before your actual moving day arrives.

If you plan on moving without the help of professionals, make sure you do the reconnaissance. Moving takes planning, patience, and time. Carmack Moving & Storage offers free advice for just such moving preparation.

Index Your Boxes

A lot of people think that this is too much trouble. But think of it this way: You are going to unpack very much like you packed, one box at a time. You are not going to unpack in one day, either.

With an index of the contents of your boxes, you can simply read the index according to what you need that day and open the right box, rather than opening six different boxes because you need to find a frying pan to prepare eggs before hurrying off to your new job.

Keep Stress Levels Down

Take thirty minutes in the beginning of your move and address the simple issues. A month before your move, begin collecting the boxes you will be using. We know that too many people do not even remember to gather empty boxes until the last few days before they are due to vacate their occupancy. Consequently, they find themselves running around hopelessly trying to pack four messy rooms into garbage bags and pillow cases at the last minute.

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