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Moving In Winter: Tips To Make The Move Go Smoothly


Summer is traditionally the most popular season for moving because of the fine weather, readily available holiday time off, and a gap in the school year to make the transition easier for kids. But things don’t always turn out exactly as planned, and a winter move can often be necessary because of a job relocation or another unexpected change in your life.

If you’re facing a winter move, you don’t have to be daunted by cold weather or even snow and ice if you’re properly prepared for what to expect, and if you have the right help. Here are some tips that can help make your winter move as painless as possible.

Get Professional Help

Professional help is the best option for a winter move. There are several advantages, including:

  • Having a safe place to store items if you need short term storage. You can opt for storage and moving where your moving company ships the items for you. This is a great option for both local or cross country moves. You don’t have worry about road conditions because you won’t be driving a rented moving truck on snowy or icy roads.
  • Professional packing. In summer, you might have more time available for packing. If you are unable to take time off work or can’t find time in the evenings to pack choosing professional packing can get it done quickly.
  • Loading services. If you have a hard time finding family and friends to help in cold weather, or if you are unable to do it yourself, you can rely on professional who will have the equipment necessary.
  • With the stress of winter holidays, less daylight, and unpredictable weather, it’s worth it to have a moving company to rely on.

Stay Flexible If You Can

Some days can be perfect for moving. You have no snow on the ground and reasonable temperatures. The very next day can bring ice and snow, with roads uncleared. To help deal with the unpredictable nature of winter, have a date set for moving, but plan another day just in case.

Bring Extra Protection

Weather can change suddenly on any winter day. A day that started out clear may have unexpected flurries or rain, especially if you are moving to a different city or state. To protect your more delicate belongings (like wooden furniture) from damage as you are moving them into the house, make sure you keep a box of towels, sheets, or plastic coverings ready.

Take Care Of Yourself And Others

When planning for your move, you’ll also want to have plenty of extra hats and gloves in an accessible place for helpers who come to lend a hand, in case the temperature drops.

Most importantly, encourage everyone to drink plenty of water throughout the day. When it’s hot outside, it’s easy to remember to provide cold drinks. When it’s cold and snowing, people may not realize they are thirsty. Moving keeps you active, and you need water. Pass out bottles of water periodically during moving day, and provide hot drinks for those who need to warm up.

Get Your Homes Ready For Moving Day

Before you move, make sure you have turned on the utilities in your new home. You’ll want it warm when you arrive, and you’ll need the lights as your daylight fades. You should also tape cardboard or plastic down in both homes to protect carpets and hardwoods from tracked-in snow.

Clear the snow from sidewalks and driveways and salt them to keep ice from forming on moving day.

For more information on planning your winter move, contact Carmack Moving & Storage.

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