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How To Keep Your Home Organized After A Big Move

Though moving into a new home is always exciting, it can take a lot of work to get everything unpacked. It takes even more work to keep things from getting cluttered once you’ve settled in. With a little extra planning and the right mindset, you can keep your home nice and neat.

Pack To Unpack

A living area that is junky and filled with stuff

Be smart with labeling your belongings, including what’s inside of each box and where it belongs. This will help reduce clutter from the start. Keep related items together as much as possible, and be careful not to overpack your containers. If you have things that you won’t need, you should sell or recycle them before they end up sitting around.

Prioritize The Essentials

The key to post-move organization is focusing on the essentials. Unload what you’ll need on the first night, like toiletries, plates, and beddings, before moving on to other items. After that, set up your furniture to help you decide how you want to orient your rooms. While you’re unpacking the bigger items, place your unopened boxes and bags where you think they’ll end up, whether that’s in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Once your furniture is in place, you can unpack your clothes, decorations, and other small items.

Establish A Cleaning Routine

Most homes and apartments will be thoroughly cleaned before you move in. Though sticking to a cleaning routine can be tough, there’s nothing more satisfying than having a clean home. Try to regularly tidy up high-traffic areas, like your kitchen and living room. By vacuuming and wiping down surfaces often, it will take less time than it would if you only cleaned once a month.

By carefully planning your move and cleaning periodically, you can keep your new home from getting cluttered. You can also reduce the stress of moving by working with an experienced moving company. Carmack Moving & Storage has been helping people with local and long-distance moves for decades. If you need assistance with moving, packing, or storage, get a free quote today.

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