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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car From California To Virginia?

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Shipping your car is a process which needs to be well-prepared and organized. Similarly to moving your house, this time you need to find an auto transport company you can trust with your precious four-wheeled one. Although the price may interest you most, it is difficult to state the approximate sum you will have to pay without examining various factors. Luckily, we are experts in the field. Thus, we will present you with the most important things to know when determining the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia.

Which Factors Influence The Cost To Ship A Car From California To Virginia?

There are several factors that affect the final cost to ship a car from California to Virginia. These include:

  • The price of fuel – Unsurprisingly, the increase in fuel prices causes an increase in car shipping costs.
  • The distance from the starting to the final destination. – The further you go the more expensive it is.
  • This size and of your car – The bigger the car the higher the price.
  • The time of the year – Shipping is more expensive during the peak season. Instead of paying high prices, wait for the offseason if possible. Being the best time to move, offseason is the best time to ship a car, too.
  • The type of service. – Research is necessary to explore the abundance of options you can choose from. The more demanding the service is the higher the cost to ship your car from California to Virginia.
The coat to ship a car from California to Virginia varies due to several factors.
It is important to know which factors influence the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia.

How Do You Want Your Car Delivered?

As you may assume, your answer will affect the price. Thus, make sure you understand the options you can choose from. There are two of them and the explanation follows.

Terminal-To-Terminal Car Shipping

This is a less expensive alternativeYou have to take your car to the arranged drop-off location in California and then pick it up from the arranged pick-up location in Virginia. Unfortunately, it is necessary to go through the trouble of making arrangements to get to and from these terminal locations, but if you want some more money in your wallet, it is worth it. Also, your car might spend some time on a terminal parking lot because transport companies deliver entire shipments this way, so you might have to wait until a full load is ready to ship. Sounds like a potential problem, doesn’t it?

Door-To-Door Car Shipping

This is the most convenient but yet slightly more expensive option for shipping your carThe carrier will come to pick up your car from the location you determine in California. Most often, people choose their home or their workplace. Then, the carrier delivers your car to the final destination in Virginia. The shipping is done! However, there is a potential difficulty you might have to face, so be ready to compromise. Very often, inaccessible, narrow roads cause serious problems to carriers, so show understanding and willingness to arrange a new delivery point that is suitable.

What Type Of Car Transport Truck Do You Want For Shipping Your Car?

Expectedly, the type of car transport truck you choose will affect the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia. Basically, you should make a decision which is appropriate for the type and the value of your car. Here are the options.

The type of car transport truck you choose will affect the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia.
What type of car transport truck do you want for shipping your car?

Open Car Transport Services

Majority of people choose this option. Why? Well, low prices and more flexible shipping dates are very appealing. Unfortunately, your car might get damaged from debris or the elements, which is a great disadvantage. However, the risk of damage during transport is very low.

Enclosed Car Transport Services

This is the more appropriate alternative for valuable cars since they are protected from the elements. Unfortunately, the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia or anywhere else this way can be up to 50% more expensive than usual. The overall costs to ship a vehicle have to be higher because enclosed car transport trucks can carry only a few vehicles at a time.

Choosing A Reputable Shipping Company

Give yourself enough time to find and hire a reputable shipping company. The process highly resembles choosing a reliable mover for your relocation. Everybody knows that properly planned moves are stress-free. The same goes for shipping your car. So, start requesting shipping quotes in advance, so that you can compare them at easePay attention to the following:

  • The insurance a company offers. – Most reputable companies include it in their quotes. This insurance usually covers the damage caused by transport. However, if your car gets damaged due to debris or the elements, you aren’t entitled to compensation. Accordingly, providing some personal insurance might be a smart decision.
  • The way they determine shipping rates and fees. – Then, you will get a hint on the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia.
  • Delay policy – Nobody likes delays. Find out the delay policy of each of the companies and whether you are entitled to any refund in this case.
  • The company’s reputation – Check the reputation of the companies you are considering at Transport Reviews. It might affect your decision greatly.

How To Calculate The Average Cost To Ship A Car From California To Virginia?

All the above-mentioned facts prove that it is difficult to define the cost to ship a car from California to Virginia without knowing any further details. However, to help you realize the approximate shipping budget you will need, we can say that shipping a car from the West Coast to the East Coast will cost you around $1,100. On average, it will take from 5 to 14 days for your car to be delivered depending on the service you choose. If you have any special requirements concerning the delivery date, get ready to pay $200 – $500 more.

It is possible to calculate the approximate cost to ship a car from California to Virginia.
Shipping a car from the West Coast to the East Coast will cost you around $1,100.

Payment Methods – Choose The One That Suits You Best

Although the majority of shipping companies accept all forms of payment, some are likely to charge 2-3% more if you use a credit card. Consequently, it is necessary to clear always all your doubts concerning payment methods. Also, don’t be surprised if they ask you to pay a deposit prior to the company picks up your car. It is a standard procedure with some companies and they will this sum to your total cost upon delivery.

Conclusion – The Cheapest Way To Ship Your Car From California To Virginia

Having explored all the options, we have to say that the cheapest way to ship your car from California to Virginia is to use open car transport with terminal-to-terminal service. To save more money, ship your car during the offseason. The cost to ship a car from California to Virginia will be considerably lower if you are entitled to any discounts, like student discounts, seniors discounts, military discounts, return customers discounts and many other. Take your time and organize everything in advance. Since one-day moves are a killer, one-day shipment is impossible to organize.

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