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How Much Does A Moving Company Cost?

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How much does a moving company cost? You wouldn’t pay the same for a local move that takes a few hours as you would for an interstate or even international move. There are different services that you might request to help you with your move too, from packing to moving particularly fragile items. Here are some of the things that we take into account when providing you with a quote.

Included In Your Quote

There are several costs included in your quote for moving services. These include:

  • An hourly cost for labor
  • Fuel
  • Full Value Protection for your shipment
  • Packing materials and sales tax
  • Add-on services such as packing, custom crates, and/or storage

Factors Affecting Cost

A few different factors can affect the cost when you hire a moving company. The following things are considered in moving company costs when calculating a quote for your move.


Distance is one of the major cost factors when calculating the price of a move. Whether the move is local, long-distance or interstate or perhaps an international move will obviously have an effect on the total cost. As well as requiring more time, labor and fuel, an interstate or international move often involves other costs. For example, there is a tariff for interstate moves and items being moved are charged by the pound, unlike with a local move charged by the hour.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are influenced by how much time the move will take, as well as how many movers are needed to get the job done.

Items to Be Moved

The number, types, volume and weight of items to be moved can all affect the cost of the move. Interstate moves are based on weight, while international moves tend to be based on volume. Any fragile or valuable items might incur an extra cost too, and particularly large items can also be more expensive to move. For example, moving a piano is a little more complicated than moving many other items.


How long the move will take is an important factor in calculating costs for a move. It affects the cost of labor and packing, which will both be more expensive the longer the move takes. The date that you choose for your move can also affect the cost of the move. Moving during busier periods can mean that your move costs more.

Full Value Protection

Moving companies are required to assume liability for your possessions up to $0.60 per pound, but you might also want to take out further protection. Moving companies usually offer Full Value Protection (FVP), which provides repair or replacement should something happens to damage your item(s) during transit.

Add-on Services

There are several types of add-on service that might be appropriate for your move. These include packing services and materials, as well as storage. These handy services help to make a move more manageable for you.

Ask for a quote for your move, and we will give you an individual estimate for affordable moving services.

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