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Guide To Packing Your Book Collection

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Every person went through the relocation process at least once. Therefore, you probably know that this is the best time and the perfect opportunity for decluttering! However, decluttering can be difficult, especially for people who like to collect things. If you are one of the book collectors, ask yourself whether you really need all these books? Do you want to take all those books with you? Today we will see if packing your book collection is hard and how to do it correctly! Let’s get started.

Packing Your Book Collection – How To Do It?

You probably know that packing your book collection will require a lot of moving boxes Sterling VA. However, if you are not planning to hire a professional mover to pack and relocate your book collection, you should start gathering moving boxes and packing materials at least a few weeks before the move. These are tools and supplies you will need if you are planning to pack your book collection like a pro!

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes 
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper
  • Sheets of cardboard
  • Packing tape, labels, and marker

Now that we figured out what kind of tools and materials you will need for packing your book collection. Let’s see what the steps you should follow to pack and relocate your book collection safely and adequately are.

  • Sort Books and then Sell or Donate
  • Choose the right Moving Boxes
  • Prepare for Packing
  • How to pack Hardcover Books?
  • Pack Paperbacks
  • Secure and Label Boxes
  • Load the Moving Truck

Sort Books And Then Sell Or Donate

Book collectors tend to get a lot of books in a short period of time. On the other hand, movers charge per pound and books can be very heavy. So, now is the time to separate “must have – books” from “I’m done with that – books.” If you want to take all your books with you and you are hiring professional residential movers, you can be sure that your books will be packed and relocated safely. However, if you are wondering what should you do with “I’m done with that” pile, wonder no more! You can always donate books to a school or public library or sell it in some second-hand shop!

Room full of stacked books.
If you are not planning to take all of your books with you, consider a donation! The public library will always accept a good book!

Choose The Right Moving Boxes

You probably already know that books are very heavy if you stack them together. No matter if they have hardcover or paperbacks, if they are piled up, they can cause severe back injuries if you try to carry them without proper equipment. Therefore, if you want to relocate your books without any problem, be sure to pack them in small boxes! If you are not hiring a professional moving company and you want to save some money on moving boxes, you can find free cardboard boxes in the stores nearby.

Prepare For Packing

Whether you are using new packing boxes or used ones, you will have to prepare those boxes before you start placing your book collection inside. As we already said, books are heavy, and to avoid any problems while you are loading a moving truck, carrying and unpacking, you will have to gather up all moving boxes and secure each box bottom! What do you have to do? You will have to seal the bottom with a few layers of packing tape over all the seams.

How To Pack Hardcover Books?

Pack your hardcover books inside of the moving box standing upright. The spine should be against the box side, just like in the bookshelf. Try not to pack books too tight because you might damage them when the time for unpacking comes! If the hardcover edition is a moderate value, you should wrap each book into packing paper before placing it inside of the moving box. High-value books require stiff cardboard placed between each volume to prevent any movement and keep the spines straight. Less valuable books, you can stack and pack them flat.

A few hardcover books.
Wrap each book into a packing paper before placing it in the moving box.

Packing Your Book Collection – Paperbacks

Paperbacks are easy to pack. You can stack them and put them in the flat position. You can also pack them with spine first so that the paper edges will be faced up. If you want to prevent any damage and your books to warp and papers to bend, you should avoid packing books with paper edges facing down and spines up. Whether you are packing your books for relocation or for storing them in one of the residential storage unitsmake sure not to pack them at odd angles.

Secure And Label Boxes

Before you close the box filled with your book collection, you should use wadded-up paper to fill any remaining spaces. During the move, books can shift and cause damage. To avoid that, you should pack them properly . Close the box and use packing tape to seal the box. After that, use your marker and label your box as “books.” If you are using old boxes, you should cross any previous markings to avoid confusion when you start unpacking.

Load The Moving Truck

The best place for the boxes that contain books is on the floor of the moving truck. Books are heavy so you should avoid stacking them up unless you can secure them against moving or tipping. Secure each box properly. They can start shifting and topping during the move and cause serious damage to the furniture or other breakable items.

However, if you are using professional moving company services, you won’t have any problems with your move. A professional moving company will pack and relocate your book collection without any problem. You should check on moving quotes Northern Virginia and see why hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended! A professional moving company has a lot of moving services, such as packing and unpacking, storage solutions, a wide pool of moving trucks, moving insurance, and many more!

A moving truck.
Place the boxes with books on the floor of the moving truck.

Packing your book collection won’t be a problem for a professional mover! If you want to pack and relocate your book collection safely, you should hire a professional mover. However, if you are planning to pack your book collection by yourself, be sure to find proper tools and equipment to do so! We wish you all the best!

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