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Four Tips When Moving With Pets

Any move to a new home or city requires proper planning to help it go as smoothly as possible. Adding pets to the equation makes this careful preparation even more important. Since pets will be moving from a familiar place to new territory, they may become stressed during the movement and need special care. Below are tips for moving with pets.

Pack Enough Food And Accessories

If it’s a long-distance move, pets will need easily accessible food and water during travel. Other essentials such as a sturdy kennel, litter box (if needed), toys, and a comfortable bed should be packed for smooth travel. These familiar items can help make pets more comfortable during the move.

Schedule A Vet Check-Up

Before the big move, owners should schedule a check-up for their pets to make sure they’re in a healthy state before the added stress of relocation. They should also gather all veterinarian records and prescription medications beforehand if the move requires a switch to a new vet.

Keep Them Close By During The Move

Pets should be moved to their new home in their owner’s vehicle, not a moving truck. Small carriers can be placed in the back seat while larger kennels should be able to fit in the very back of the car. The changing environment during the drive may make some pets anxious, so covering their carrier or kennel with a blanket can help them feel more comfortable.

Slowly Introduce Them To Their New Home

When arriving at the new home, pets should be brought immediately from their carrier or kennel into the house. Letting them outside in a strange environment so shortly after the move may encourage them to stray away and get lost.

Pets should be placed in a quiet place away from noise and visitors within the first few days as they adapt. Owners need to give them lots of attention and surround them with their usual toys, blankets, and other familiar accessories to help them adjust to their new home.

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