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Comparing 4 Personal Storage Options


As a year ends, people find many reasons to use personal storage. Perhaps you want to keep your boxes of holiday décor out of your house to free up space. Maybe you need to make extra room in your closets and storage rooms for the many gifts you received at Christmas or Hanukkah. You might even have a New Year’s resolution to tidy up the less-organized parts of your house.

Our list compares four personal storage options, including a few you may not know much about. use the information below to find the choice that best fits your available time and lifting abilities, climate needed, desired budget, and needed space.

1 – Self Storage

When you first considered you needed some extra storage space, odds are this is the first option that came to mind. Many towns in the US have half a dozen or more facilities with climate-controlled garages of various sizes where customers can store items for per month rates.

Self-storage has several pros. You can usually find a facility within a short distance of your home, and you can choose a unit size that fits your stuff comfortably but won’t be too large. Most self-storage businesses also have 24-hour hidden-camera surveillance and let you access your stuff round the clock.

Of course, you do have to load and unload your items all by yourself. For most people, this means either making several trips or recruiting friends to help. Plus, it can be a bit of a puzzle to fit all of your stuff in if you have multiple large items.

2 – Warehouse Storage

Just like with a rented self-storage unit, your things will still go into a storage facility away from your home or office. Your items will also be kept in a secured, climate-controlled area to ensure they remain in peak condition. With a warehouse, though, you have as much space as you want or need.

If you want a fast, easy option, warehouse storage is your best bet. Many businesses that offer warehouse storage take care of the storage process from start to finish. You tell them what items you want to move, and they pick them up, wrap them, and transport them for you. You don’t have to do any heavy lifting, which makes this option worth the additional expense.

Warehouse storage is particularly good for people who need to free up space on short notice or for those who would have difficulty lifting their own items into and out of a storage unit.

3 – Portable Storage Units

Many storage companies bring boxes the size of small shipping containers to wherever you live or work. You can then load the box up with your stuff at your own pace, whether it takes you a few hours or several days. Once the container is loaded, you can call to have it picked up or just leave it on site.

Although this option is convenient and inexpensive, it does have a few downsides. Portable storage containers don’t have the same security and climate-control amenities as the first two alternatives listed above, and you have fewer size options. Plus, you might not like the wait for the transport team to deliver and pick up your container or the look of a container on your property while you load it up.

4 – Self-Delivery Storage Units

This final storage option is similar to portable storage units. The main difference is that you pick up the unit from the business yourself and bring it back (or keep it on your property) whenever you want. While this seems more convenient, you need a vehicle capable of toting a fully loaded trailer. If you have never towed a trailer before, it can be a little tricky.

Also, you don’t have as many size options with self-delivery, so you likely won’t be able to fit several large pieces of furniture in your unit. Plus, as with other options that require you to lift and transport, you are responsible for the safety of your items.

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to do some end-of-year cleaning or rearranging. You don’t have to throw out the extra items at your house or office; just store them! For full-service storage options in Sterling, Virginia, contact Carmack Moving & Storage.

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