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Commercial Storage

Many business owners may need to temporarily store some of their assets when transitioning into a new office space. This allows them to settle in more easily while keeping their items in a nearby warehouse. 

We can store items of all types at our facility in Sterling, VA to help with the moving process, keeping them secure and safe until they’re ready to move into the new office.

Climate-Controlled, Short-Term Commercial Storage Warehouse in Sterling

We can take care of all of your commercial storage needs from on-site crating to storing your items in a climate-controlled warehouse. We carefully wrap every item and provide you with a complete list of each item stored, allowing you to keep track of all belongings every step of the way.

Use Storage Crates for Decluttering or Preparing for a New Move

Customers can also use storage units even when they’re not moving. Whether you’re looking for a way to save some space in your office or need to store items when preparing for your next move, you can benefit from our commercial warehouse storage services. However, if you need assistance when moving, Carmack Moving & Storage is here to help with this process as well.

We provide highly competitive rates for both moving and storage, regardless of your needs. Whether you’re in need of short-term storage for several days or long-term storage for certain items, we are reliable and insured movers with storage that can provide you with the best solution. We are dedicated to providing you with the best services every time you work with us.

Commercial Warehouse Storage Solutions for Businesses

1. Short-Term Commercial Storage
Storage will consist of on-site storage crates to help minimize the amount of handling of your items. Crates are then stored in our state-of-the-art and secured climate-controlled warehouse. We then enter each item in our database for accurate tracking.

2. Staging Storage Services
To help facilitate the staging of your previous office space for potential buyers or renters, you can make use of our storage units. We can store items until the office sells and put them back in your possession to help transition into the new office.

3. Long-Term Storage for Businesses
Our storage and warehousing services are competitively priced, with several flexible options available to meet your storage needs.

Get Started with a Commercial Warehouse Storage Solution in Sterling

To start benefiting from our commercial warehouse storage services in Northern Virginia, simply request a quote at any time and we’ll help you immediately.

Benefits of Commercial Storage with Movers vs. Self-Storage Units

When deciding on the type of storage you would like for your possessions, whether moving or looking for short-term or long-term general storage, there are some specific advantages to using a mover’s storage units compared to self-storage.

These advantages include:

Above-Ground Item Storage – Movers keep all items elevated at heights of a few inches or higher above the ground, which allows flood water and air to travel beneath storage units and avoid potentially damaging fluctuations of temperature.

Reduced Costs – Movers can provide storage services at prices that are competitive to self-storage services.

Insured Storage – In a single move contract, this could include the mover’s liability for all items stored in their warehouse in addition to other steps of the moving process.

Saved Time – Another benefit is the fact that you don’t need to be present when movers unload items into their warehouse, whereas you need to be there when moving companies move your possessions into a self-storage unit.