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Best Suburbs For Young Professionals In Virginia

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If you’re one of the young people who’s recently graduated from college, you’ll surely be interested in finding out what are the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia. Given the fact that there are ever more young people graduating from college with substantial debt, finding lucrative employment quickly is one of the goals that young professionals fresh out of university have. But if you’re a young professional looking for the best place to move to, where’d you go?

Virginia’s a large state with a lot of business opportunities to offer. Choosing the best suburb for you is an important decision to make. Making the right choice can make your life so much easier. On the other hand, make the wrong choice, and you will not be enjoying going home every day. Therefore, bear with Carmack Moving & Storage and find out what are the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia.

Bear with us to find out which are the Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Virginia
Looking for a suburb to move to Virginia?

Find Out What Are The Best Suburbs For Young Professionals In Virginia

Before we dig down into details on each of the suburbs, let’s first take an overview of what the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia are. After all, the choice has not been easy to make. Still, you should not be surprised to find out that all of the suburbs that we are going to talk about today are located in the north of Virginia. The closeness to the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., allows for many opportunities. Opportunities are something that young professionals seek. Still, it is not all about business. The way of life still plays a significant role in deciding where to move to.

Therefore, in the case that you are a young person trying to get your career jump-started while living your best life, you should look to move to one of the following suburbs:

  • Arlington
  • Merrifield
  • Alexandria
  • Tysons
  • Idylwood

Now is the right time to get more specific.

Arlington Tops The List Of The Best Suburbs For Young Professionals In Virginia

Arlington is a nation-famous suburb in Virginia. It is located on the right bank of the Potomac River overlooking Washington D.C. One of the main roads into D.C. runs through Arlington. The closeness to the capital and the vast job market make it one of the most popular suburbs to live in Virginia. Given its livelihood and easy access to downtown Washington, you should not be surprised with how popular Arlington really is. As a matter of fact, you may think of it as of Brooklyn of the Washington D.C. 

However, living here does not come cheap. So, in the case that you are hiring Manassas Park movers with the goal of moving from inland Virginia closer to the epicenter of Virginian city life, be prepared to spend more than what you might have been used to.

Image of a young man in a suit
If you are fresh out of college, obtaining a well-paid job is going to be one of your top priorities


Moving on from Arlington, we are arriving in Merrifield, VA. Unlike the previous suburb that we talked about, Merrifield is not a suburb that is going to provide you easy access to the capital. However, this does not mean that Merrifield doesn’t have much to offer.

While slightly farther away from Washington, Merrifield is still considered one of its suburbs. It has a population of slightly more than 17,000 people and is a part of Fairfax County. The local community is pretty young. After all, this is one of the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia to live in. It has an urban feel to it.

Furthermore, the majority of locals rent their homes. Basically, there are no true downsides to living in Merrifield. Still, you should bear in mind that the costs of living are going to pretty high for local conditions. Should you decide to move here, we can suggest hiring professional packing service to ensure that your items arrive at your new address in one piece.


Third place on our list of the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia is occupied by one another suburb closely related to Washington. Alexandria is located in near proximity to Merrifield.

The best perks for young professionals living here include good job supply, high diversity, great nightlife options and above-average quality of public schools. On the other hand, costs of living and housing could be lower. Lastly, if you are getting Alexandria movers to move here, you should bear in mind that the crime rate could use some lowering a well.


We are getting closer to the end of the list of the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia. Still, there are two more places that we need to mention. The first one is Tysons, VA.

Image of a laptop
If you are looking for job opportunities, your safest bet will be the North of the state

Tysons is a suburb located to the north from Merrifield and is home to about 23,000 residents. With highly rated public schools, good commute and family-friendliness, you should not be wasting your time thinking about whether you should move here. Find the best residential movers Virginia and schedule your free cost estimate today!


If you thought that we were going to move far away, think again. After all, this County is home to some of the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia. Idylwood ranks fifth on our list. With the population of 18,000 people, Idylwood is far from a small town. Just like its predecessors, it can offer you great job opportunities. Then, family-friendliness should be something that you should be looking for if you are thinking about moving to Idylwood. Lastly, outdoor activities, housing, and diversity represent just some of the perks of living here.


There are many places to choose from if you are looking to move to the Old Dominion. Still, in the case that you are looking for some of the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia, you should take a closer look at the ones that we wrote here about. Happy hunting!

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