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9 Things To Remember When Moving

We know how stressful and chaotic moving can be, so here are 10 things to remember that will make this easier and hassle-free.

  1. Start by packing the things you use least, such as books, seasonal clothing or sports equipment, and knickknacks. These are articles that can be put into storage when you first move into your new home.
  2. Concentrate on packing one room at a time. Jumping from room to room just creates confusion for everyone. We recommend that you label all boxes coming from each room, that way you can locate them as they are unpacked. Once you are done in that room, stack the finished boxes against one wall.
  3. Always wrap nuts and bolts in a clearly labeled plastic bag. This seems like the simplest of things until you arrive ready to reassemble everything and there is not a nut or bolt to be found anywhere.
  4. Empty large pieces, such as dressers, completely. While it may seem more efficient to just move a piece leaving the contents in it, furniture tends to break more easily if not emptied first thing. Jot down serial numbers on all electronic equipment; take pictures of the condition of things, such as art and large flat items that may be damaged in the move.
  5. Do not pack flammables like aerosol cans, paints, or gasoline. Not only is it unsafe, but you risk damaging contents in other boxes. When using professional movers, such as Carmack Moving & Storage, you will be reminded of this early on.
  6. Don’t pack perishables like frozen foods, produce, or plants; transport these in your vehicle or bless a neighbor with them. Food not canned will never make the move successfully.
  7. Keep chilled water or soda available so they don’t dehydrate. It’s also nice to be able to grab a drink when you need one!
  8. Don’t place soaps, sprays, polishes, and medicine in the same box as food. Again, not only do you risk not being able to easily locate what you need them, but the possibility of these liquids leaking and damaging other items in high.
  9. Remember your movers. They get hot and tired just like you do. A little kindness goes a long way toward building goodwill as you ask for those little extra things to be done.

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