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7 Reasons To Use Climate Controlled Storage Units For Your Move

Are you in need of extra storage while moving? If so, you may be struggling to pick a storage unit from the thousands that are available out there.

Picking the right storage unit is an important decision. The wrong one could mean damage to your possessions, even without anyone touching them.

That’s why we recommend our climate-controlled storage units. They are your best option for keeping all types of belongings safe and secure.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to learn seven reasons why you should use climate-controlled storage.

1. To Prevent Mold And Mildew

One of the most important things climate-controlled storage units can do for you is to prevent mold and mildew from growing on your belongings.

This is possible because these storage units keep out humidity, which means no moisture in your unit. Moisture is what mold and mildew need to grow, so no moisture means no mold.

Why is this important? Mold and mildew are fungi, organisms that exist to break down organic materials. 

When they start growing on things like wood furniture or carpet, they will feed off of these things and break them down. A long enough time with your objects will allow for mold and mildew to cause some serious damage.

Plus, they provide a health risk for you and your family. The last thing you want to do while moving is to bring in damaged furniture with mold that can spread to your new home.

2. To Reduce The Likelihood Of Flood Damage

One of the biggest problems with regular storage units is that there isn’t much standing in between your stuff and the outside world. This can lead to some seriously unfortunate situations, especially when it comes to flooding. 

With storage units that aren’t climate-controlled, it’s likely that the door of your unit is outside and only raised off the ground by a few inches. 

One bad storm can raise the water level above the bottom of your door. If it does not have a good seal or is not closed properly, then you are at risk of having water leak into your unit.

We’ve already discussed how just a little moisture can cause problems for your belongings. A large amount of water will not only allow mold and mildew to grow, but it can also directly damage your property.

In a climate-controlled storage unit, your belongings are much safer.

Most climate-controlled storage units, like ours, are actually located inside a building. This means that the door to your unit isn’t facing the outdoors and being exposed to the elements.

These units are also less likely to have holes for leaks to get through. This is because these units have to be well insulated to stay at a steady temperature. For you, that means there is more protection built-in between your stuff and the outside world.

3. To Stop Warping

Because climate-controlled storage units keep your belongings at a single temperature, they can prevent damage caused by objects changing between being hot and being cold.

One of the most common ways heat can damage objects is by warping them. This is because of how temperature affects objects at a molecular level.

When something gets hotter, it’s molecules are able to move faster and spread out a little more. This allows objects to expand slightly. It’s why sticking the top of a pickle jar under hot water can help you take off a tightly screwed lid.

The opposite is true for when objects get cold. Their molecules will slow down and move closer together.

These changes are more pronounced in some objects more than others. Unfortunately, some of the objects most affected by changes in temperature include wood and metal furniture. 

Constantly changing from hot to cold will cause warping. This means that your furniture could start to get bent out of shape, lose its value, and potentially become dangerous to use.

This is something you have to worry about every day with regular storage units, as your possessions go from hot to cold as the facility goes from day to night.

However, with a climate-controlled storage unit, this isn’t an issue at all.

4. If You Have Long Storing Periods

When it comes to long storing periods, it is important to use a storage unit with a controlled climate. This is because a long period of time means changing seasons and changing temperatures.

If your belongings are in an outdoor storage unit for a long time, they will be subjected to extreme temperatures on both sides of the spectrum. For example, in Virginia, your storage unit will hit on average 86 degrees in the summer and 26 degrees in the winter.

And that’s just the averages. The top highs and lowest lows will increase the range of temperatures that your belongings will have to endure.

Even if you aren’t planning for a long storing period, it’s good to have a climate-controlled storage unit just in case.

People use storage for a variety of reasons, and the conditions causing that storage need can change. Even if you think you will only be storing things for a short period of time, it may be best to be prepared for the chance that you may need to keep your belongings in storage for longer than you expected.

5. To Protect Electronics

If you plan on storing electronics or appliances with electronic parts, you will want them in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

This is for multiple reasons, including some we have already listed. Because electronics and appliances are made of metal or have metal parts, constantly changing temperatures could cause warping, cracking, or other damage for outside frames, screens, and inner components.

What’s even worse though is the possibility of rusting. Electronics that are stored in regular storage units could be subject to humidity and moisture. 

This can cause electronic parts to rust and become unusable. Any money that you think you might save from not using a climate-controlled storage unit will quickly disappear if this happens.

6. If You Are Storing Temperature-Sensitive Items

For some objects, any change in temperature could lead to serious damage and/or loss of value. For these, a climate-controlled storage unit is your only option.

An example of this is wine. 

There is a reason why wine cellars exist. These alcoholic beverages need to be at a constantly cool temperature. Moving outside of a certain temperature range could cause your wine to age quickly and lose its taste.

Another example is certain kinds of artwork. Depending on the materials used to create the artwork, changing temperatures could cause the work to crack or degrade.

Some works created with tempera paint will breakdown since the paint is made with organic materials. Not only will a painting lose its image, but it will also start to smell from the paint degrading.

Other works that are made with glue can fall apart as the changes in temperature and humidity can break the glue down.

If you are a collector of any of these things, you don’t want to have your time and money wasted just because you decided to use a cheap, outdoor storage unit.

7. To Protect Anything Made From Paper

Whether you are storing photographs, important documents, or both, you will want to use a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Just like electronics, change in temperature can have an adverse effect on paper. However, unlike electronics, this is because of the ability of paper to absorb water.

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause paper to absorb water from the air. This can lead to a physical breakdown in the form of warping, cracking, splitting, color change, and even disintegration.

Inks and dyes used on paper can also fade. That means your photos and important documents could become worthless as you will not be able to read or see what was originally on the paper.

Climate-controlled storage units don’t just prevent this temperature change. These units also filter the air inside. This can prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria that can feed off of paper and break it down.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage Units

As you can see, there are many great reasons why you should choose climate-controlled storage units to protect your belongings. The safety they provide from weather, pests, and temperature is simply invaluable.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to search far for great climate-controlled storage. We have a large, climate-controlled storage facility for all your storage needs. Click here to request a quote in no time.

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