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6 Reasons Autumn Is The Perfect Season For Moving

If you are considering moving and have been waiting for the perfect time to make your plans official, that time has come. Autumn is just around the corner, and in many ways, it is the perfect season to move households. Here are six reasons to stop putting off your move and make the transition this fall.

The Weather Is Mild

When you move in the summer, you have to worry about soaring temperatures and the dehydration and heat stroke they can cause. Nobody enjoys loading a moving truck when it’s 95 degrees and humid outside, and having to take frequent breaks to stay cool really slows you down. Winter brings opposite challenges. You need to make sure nobody falls on the ice or develops frostbite.

Thankfully, most days in autumn are mild, so you can pack and load your moving truck without worrying about overheating or succumbing to the cold. The mild weather will make it easier to find willing friends and family members to help you move, and it will also allow you to quicken your pace so you don’t have to
dedicate quite as much time to packing and moving.

The Transition To A New School Is Easier

For kids, getting used to a new school is one of the hardest aspects of moving. Some schools have recently begun starting in August rather than September, but even if your kids’ schools start early, it will still be pretty easiest for them to transition into a new school in the fall. The academic year will have just begun, so they won’t be behind in classes.

In the first few weeks of school, kids are still establishing routines and getting to know one another, so your child should have an easier time making new friends and getting used to different academic expectations. Contrarily, moving to a new school can be tough in the winter or spring when students and teachers have already established routines and patterns.

Moving Companies May Be More Flexible

Summer is high season for moving because kids are off from school and employers often hire in the summer. During these months, moving companies are often booked solid, and scheduling a move may be difficult if you don’t plan ahead.

However, if you can manage to move in the autumn, you’ll often find that moving companies have greater flexibility and are more able to accommodate your schedule. They simply have fewer moves to handle at this time.

Items Will Be Safe From Heat

Moving heat-sensitive items like electronics and cosmetics can be tough in the summer. When the sun is beating down on the back of the moving truck, temperatures can climb pretty high, putting these items at risk of damage if they are not packed carefully.

This is much less of an issue in the fall when temperatures are lower. You won’t have to worry as much about humidity damaging your plush and leather furniture, either.

You Can Enjoy The Scenery

If you are moving a good distance from your current home, the drive can get a bit long and boring. In the fall, however, you get to look at lovely scenery, complete with changing leaves, along the way. This makes it easier to keep kids occupied, and it will keep your mind busy as well.

Hotels Are Cheaper

If you have to stay at a hotel on your way to your new place, you can expect cheaper rates in the autumn than in the summer. With the kids back in school, traveling season is over, and hotels have to lower their rates in order to attract business. Moving expenses can add up quickly, so saving on a night’s hotel fee is a smart choice.

If you are thinking of moving this fall, contact Carmack Moving & Storage to request a quote. We offer local, intra-state, and long-distance moving services and will get you settled in to your new home safely.

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