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3 Important Tips For Moving To A New Office

Relocating A Business

Business owners and office managers must plan to mitigate various challenges of moving the entire office to minimize workflow interruptions. A professional commercial moving company can help ensure a smooth transition to the new office space. When moving to a new office, these tips can help get your move started and help business owners oversee the process with ease.

1. Plan Ahead

moving checklist is essential for effective planning. Make sure your project plan documents:

  • All the equipment to be moved
  • The moving timeline
  • Budget requirements
  • Expected challenges

This is the best way to prepare managers and staff as well as provide a guide for the big day. In the event that something goes amiss, referencing the plan will be the first step to getting back on track. For seamless office equipment relocation, gather all product manuals to check for any information regarding the best way to package and handle the equipment. Early planning also includes data backup and securing hard drives to protect intellectual property during the move. Label cables and take a picture of the connections on equipment, computers, printers, and monitors to make set-up a breeze. Some equipment may require specialized or approved vendors during relocation.

2. Follow Building Rules

When moving out of a rented office location, special care should be taken to preserve the walls and flooring, as well as prevent overall damage to the space. Different property managers have specific rules for their tenants; observing these guidelines prevents certain legal issues that could arise during and after the move. Your new location may also have rules for your move in and occupancy. Be sure to coordinate with your new building for guidelines and rules for the move, including elevator and loading dock use, parking, or any restricted hours.

3. Use Professional Movers

Using a professional commercial moving service will streamline the handling, transportation, and set up of office furniture and equipment to get you back in business quickly. Moving experts know the best packing materials to use and have the professional experience needed for a hassle-free move. They can also reduce the risk of injury to office employees; heavy lifting may be necessary for large furniture.

Carmack Moving & Storage is a local and long-distance moving and storage company based in Sterling, VA. Our commercial movers offer full-service office relocation provided by a dedicated team that handles the logistics at every stage. Contact us today and request a free quote for your upcoming office move.

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